Color your hair rosé at home

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    What rosé is for hair color does not have a correct answer, many mix rosé and rosé gold but you can say briefly that rosé is a pink shade that goes in the red direction (like rosé wine) and then it can be combined with other shades e.g. rose gold, dusty rose, copper gold m, m.

    If you are blonde and put in a rosé tone, it will be a very light rosé hair color, you can also call it strawberry blonde. If you have a darker and warmer tone on your hair (which I had), it will be a little more rose gold. It is also super nice to mix in rosé in a cool brown hair color, e.g. just in the tops, love it!

    A tip if you want to try dyeing your hair rosé at home, whether you want it in the whole hair or just loops / in the tops, it is to use Maria Nila Color Refresh in the shade Pink pop, which is a colored pink hair wrap :)

    hair color copper gold, rose gold, dusty rose

    I have dyed my hair rosé with a pastel pink shade (Wella Instamatic Pink Dream) over copper that I basically had. But that coloring is not quite as rosé as I am now, but I use Maria Nils pink hair wrap as well and it gives the hair this slightly more intense tone!

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    I've brutally longed to have some silver shampoo too, just to see what happens. If it becomes more purple or if only the warm tones stop shining through. What do you think? :)

    Maria Nila's wrapping is awesome good anyway! I think it lasts much better than Revlon, plus it is made in Sweden, is completely vegan and also contains the caring argan oil that my hair likes :)

    But just like all the other colored wraps I have tested, the hair absorbs different amounts of color in different places, so it is a bit difficult to get it even. But with rosé in particular, I actually do not think it matters that it changes a little differently in different places, I just think it's nice!

    In other words - If you are craving rosé, no matter what your hair color is now, try it Maria Nila Pink Pop! It is washed out after a few washes, so you do not have to worry if you do not like the result :) (However, it does not adhere to untreated hair)

    Color your hair rosé at home

    Maria Nila - Pink Pop 300ml can be found at Lyko! :)

    Two thumbs up!

    Hope you liked my post about coloring your hair rosé at home, feel free to write a comment if you have questions or concerns!

    Here also an old post about that blonde hair at home, feel free to read it too if you want to see how I did. :)

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