Coming soon: Make-up yourself course online!

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    Now is my web training superdupersnart ready !!!!!! A make-up course online / at a distance to become better at putting on make-up yourself!

    UPDATE: The make-up course is now launched and available

    For those of you who missed this news (which is probably most of you as I have only hinted at this in a few small places), I have in recent months worked on an online course on makeup for private individuals. It is not only the web training that is included but also personal feedback and product advice. A bit like a make-up consultation online, but better! :)

    Aaaaah I am so eager to launch this now that I already get questions even though I only posted tiny teasers. Seems like there's a lot of interest actually! I who thought "as long as I get a single customer I am happy" haha.

    We have a few small details left with the website before we are ready to click the publish button. But everything is basically completely finished so we will launch this week (!) Provided that nothing unforeseen happens :)

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    In the meantime, I thought I would take the opportunity to tell you about the course in a little more detail!

    What does the make-up yourself course mean?

    A course for private individuals who want to become better at putting on make-up themselves and receive personal make-up advice and product recommendations.


    The level is beginner / intermediate. Beginner level because I describe everything so heavenly thoroughly so you do not need any prior knowledge at all! But also intermediate level because if you learn all (or most) steps that I go through - then your makeup is far from beginner level.

    Something for you?

    The education is adapted to all people, regardless of age, colors and shapes :) You really do not have to look like me for all tips and steps to fit. I am used to applying makeup to all types of people and have adapted the tips to suit all types of looks.

    Partner - Creative Makeup

    The training will be a completely new website and is therefore not under my salon and web shop but becomes a completely new platform.

    On the other hand, we of course work with the web shop to be able to put together a product list that suits you, based on your wishes, because these are the products I work with myself (many of the products I have worked with for many years) and so you can order all your new products from the same place.

    Everyone who buys the course also gets a 10% discount! :)

    This includes:

    At the end of the training, personal feedback is included. All this is optional but what is included is:

    1. Answers to questions, if you still have some after the training;)
    2. Feedback on your make-up! In this step, you can attach photos of your makeup and get tips. For example. if it's something you have a hard time getting to or generally want tips on improvements or just a pat on the back for how extremely nice you have put on your make-up! :)
    3. Product advice based on your wishes. These are products that I have worked a lot with as a makeup artist and know very well. We collaborate with the web shop which I myself have founded that sells hand-picked products from different brands and all are cruelty free.

    I have chosen not to talk about any exact products in the education to keep it as current as possible. Brands renew their range regularly and some of the products may be discontinued tomorrow without me knowing it today. So I do not want to build an entire lesson around a product and then it is not available to buy more. But all I use are products that I myself work with and am a reseller of, so I know them very well!

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    All material is newly produced and specifically developed for this education.

    That's how it goes:

    The web training is divided into lessons. Each lesson has a video where I both talk and shows all makeup tips so you can do the same. Each lesson also has text and pictures so you can easily go back and rehearse quickly without having to watch the entire video again.

    Here is the curriculum:

    So there are a total of 18 videos (!) But they are on average 10 minutes, think the longest is 12 minutes. So every step is not a full day project right away :)

    In addition, this does not mean that the make-up I teach has 18 different steps for e.g. you get four different eye make-ups. That's why you also learn more than a make - up consultation at the salon - because then you only learn a selected make - up, but here you get more!

    You also do not have to start doing all the steps that I show, which I also describe clearly in the lessons. For example. in the lesson on primer ”You do not have to use primer. Om you are already completely satisfied with the skin texture, finish and durability of your makeup, then you can skip this step!

    You can hand-pick from my tips and choose the ones you want to make yourself. If you want e.g. just apply a colored day cream, a little blush and then jump directly to the eye tips - then of course it's okay too! :)

    Future news

    This is step one, but my plan is to develop the concept with more more "niche" educations. For example. for different problem areas, signs of age etc.

    Another idea that is a larger project is to do a distance education for makeup artists. Not at the level of working in film and theater, but more beauty salon, shop that sells beauty products and freelance makeup artist for wedding / party / photo etc. But I have to figure out the layout even more on this because it is super important with feedback and samples for that I should be able to certify someone remotely.

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    It's all a bit about how big the interest seems, I think this is SO fun so if it goes well I could easily have this as a full time project! Even though it now started as a side-of-thing thing because I really see a demand, I get so many emails from people who have questions and want tips and advice on how to make up yourself.

    If you have any wishes about what you would like to go for a make-up course at a distance / online with me, just shout, so maybe it will come true! :)

    No, now I will put my claws in the last fine grinding so that I can get this published as soon as possible!

    Many hugs to you all ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Awesome, I would like to learn about higlighting on cheeks etc. As well as the base. Is very light in the face but dark hair and eyebrows, so it is difficult to get color in the face without it looking strange.

    2. But what fun! I will definitely take the course! Hope I can learn better to cover acne scars and make eye makeup easier ning

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