Complete your eyeliner tattoo

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    I have received requests for more posts about permanent makeup in the blog, I did these more regularly before, and I absolutely can do it! :)

    Most of the pictures in this post are edited, not tattooed, because it becomes clearer to show the difference, so it is good to have the same eye on each picture.

    Many customers who want to emphasize their eyes with permanent makeup want their eyes to look as alert and open as possible and wonder which eyeliner size to choose then.

    If you are not familiar, you can easily believe that the wider the eyeliner you make, the bigger eyes you get. That is only partly true. There are other details that you can supplement with that give even more effect!

    Inline down:
    Booking an "inline down" along with your eyeliner means a light (or dark, but light is most common) line along the bottom waterline. So the mucous membrane behind the lower lash line:

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    This is what it had looked like with a black "eyeliner light" and a light "inliner down" on this eye.

    Inline up:
    Eyeliner light (lashliner / lash marking) is a line right in the scalp of the lashes and all the wider variants are tattooed in the same way but wider upwards towards the eyelid. But in some eyes it is also visible upper the waterline, which you can clearly see in the picture above - that it is a skin-colored edge under the black eyeliner.

    You do not have to make this dark, but if you want a wide eyeliner, it may be better to make an inliner up + eyeliner medium than to make an eyeliner large.

    Then you get a wide eyeliner that gives a lot of effect without taking up much space on the eyelid = the eyes are emphasized more!

    In the left pictures you see exactly where on the eye you make inliner, but it is not common to make inliner up without eyeliner but it is just to show you.
    In the right picture you see eyeliner light and inliner up together. Difference!

    Note that it is not in all eyes that the upper waterline is visible when looking straight ahead. So inline up is not something that suits all eye shapes, therefore you need to book a consultation before you book this. Emailing a picture of your eyes to can also work if you do not have the opportunity to enter the salon.

    Here you see all the 4 pictures together for an overview of the differences:

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    If I had to choose just one of all my tattoos, I would have chosen my bright inliner downstairs. I think it does so much!

    Lash lift / eyelash permanent
    Once you have tattooed your eyes, you must not make up your eyes for a week. Therefore, we recommend everyone to book eyelash permanent + lash color before their treatment so you have nice lashes throughout the healing.

    But the best thing is to keep doing the lashes regularly!

    The eyeliner and black eyelashes emphasize each other, we usually say that 1 + 1 = 3.

    This is a customer who has tattooed eyeliner with us and who fixes his eyelashes regularly. The upper image is the customer before the eyelash permanent and the large image is after the eyelash permanent. In the picture below, I have edited out the tattoo to show you the difference.

    So you see eyeliner without lashes, then the lashes without eyeliner, and then both together!

    Fint va? :)

    Here is a customer who booked eyebrow pick & eyebrow color, eyelash permanent & eyelash color and eyeliner light up - all at the same time! So nice!

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    Read more about eyeliner here!
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    See our prices here! The cheapest is our apprentice Olga, but Ida has 2 years more experience. Annika is on maternity leave.
    Make an appointment here!

    You are warmly welcome to our salon Creative Makeup on Storgatan 23c in Uppsala also if you have more questions! Or just comment on this post and I will reply as soon as possible :)


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