Dark and light eye shadows

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    Many people want to put on more make-up with dark and intense eye shadows, but that is not the case only to do it but you have to feel good-looking too, which is not always easy when you are above.

    My tip is then to dare to use that dark eye shadow that you like so much, and dare to paint the waterline dark for such nicely intense eyes, but also use light eye shadows which then light up the whole and make it easier for you to thrive in your makeup :)

    Brighten up these parts of the eyes for maximum effect:
    In the middle of the eyelid
    In the middle of the lower lash line
    In the corner of the eye
    Under the eyebrow

    And feel free to choose an eye shadow that is not as dark when you apply along the globe line, something in between the light and dark colors will be good!

    Here is an example of such a make-up so you see the details I mean:

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    A very dark look that also contains a lot of light.

    Do you want to see more pictures of the make-up and know which products I have used? Here you will find my previous post about it!

    Hugs are!

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