Difference between primer and primer

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    As you know, I love gloMinerals products, have found many grains of gold there that I always have in my makeup bag!

    I have also started selling this brand in the webshop, but only certain selected parts (there will be more though)


    This is because I only sell stuff in the webshop that I like, then products are very much about taste as well, but I could never post a product that I can not stand for.

    An eyeshadow primer is one I miss the most in the shop, it feels so crazy that I sell lots of eyeshadows but no eye primer.

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    I could sell gloMinerals primer as well, but it's such a thing I can not stand for when I really think ”go to Kicks and buy Lumene's primer instead, which is even three times cheaper.”

    In addition, I like Lumene's packaging more, as you can easily print out as large a quantity as you need instead of smearing it in a jar.


    To the left - gloMinerals Member Primer (SEK 299 on Eleven.se)

    To the right - Lumene Eye Shadow Primer (SEK 109 on Kicks)

    Yes, you see the difference yourself, Lumene's primer makes the eyeshadow MUCH more colorful than gloMinerals. And yet gloMinerals costs approx. three times as much!

    I can clarify a little briefly that gloMinerals are probably developed for their particular eye shadows, so the primer itself does not have to be bad. The eyeshadow in the picture is from IsaDora.

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    It should also be added that Lumen eye primer is the one I always use, I love it !! Then you can indulge in cheap eye shadows, and the make-up is still really nice and also lasts all evening :)

    Hugs are!

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