Different eyeliners and eye shapes

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    An eyeliner can be made in many different ways, and what you choose for eyeliner shape depends mostly on what you want for effect, but which eye shape you have also plays a certain role. You can of course also vary between different eyeliner shapes, there is nothing right or wrong :)

    But now I thought I would go through 5 different types of eyeliners and what their properties are!

    Different eyeliners and eye shapes

    Here you see a small overview :)

    I have actually tattooed lashliner, but have made it off with foundation on the unmade-up image, so that you can see the difference better! And it does not get quite as intense as in the lashliner image even if I do not have mascara or colors / bend up the lashes, because then the lashes lighten up the line itself.

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    different-eyeliners copy

    What is a lashliner?

    Lashliner, or lash marking as it is also called, is a black line right where the lashes are stuck, so when you close your eyes, the eyeliner is not visible at all.

    Effects - It makes the lashes look fuller, and highlights the eye in a discreet way. I do this on all make-up! It is also a good complement when you make other clearer eyeliners, because if you just paint a line along the lash line and then apply mascara, the skin between the lashes can shine through and make the makeup not look finished. The result is more even and intense with a lashliner.

    Eye shapes - Recommended for everyone, but is especially smart for people with hooded eyes or droopy eyes who do not want to paint the eyeliner so wide. If only a small piece of the eyelid is visible when you look straight ahead, a wide eyeliner can make you only see the black when you look straight ahead.

    Products - I always use a black eye shadow for this. It is important that it is a good black shade only, so that it does not become misty or dust around too much. But it can be done with basically all kinds of eyeliners and even mascara (with a different brush than the mascara brush), but eye shadow or gel eyeliner is what I prefer best!

    eyeliner and eye shapes

    What is an eyeliner?

    A classic eyeliner is simply a line along the lash line, ie on the skin just above the lashes. Preferably narrower on the inner edge, and a little wider on the outer edge.

    Effects - Frames the eye in an effective yet discreet way, as it is quite thin. It gives the eyes a lift! In addition, it breaks off between the eye shadow and the eye as well, which is good if you e.g. uses tones that go to purple / pink / red that you can otherwise connect to irritated eyes, but with an eyeliner it will not be so.

    Eye shapes - Fits just about everyone! But just like lashliner, this is preferable to wider variants if you have hooded eyes or droopy eyes, so that it does not take up as much of the eyelid.

    Products - I usually use a felt-tip pen (type felt-tip pen), but all eyeliner types work well, pencil (does not give as sharp an impression) diplomas, cake eyeliner, gel eyeliner, etc. All with a thin tip!

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    extra wide eyeliner eye shapes

    What is an extra wide eyeliner?

    A classic eyeliner that is wider, either along the entire lash line or just in the middle or outer edge.

    Effects - Gives a clearer framing and gives the eye an extreme lift! You can also "reshape" the eye depending on where you make the eyeliner more or less wide. In the picture, I have painted wider in the middle to give the eye a more open and round shape, but if you paint wider at the outer edge, you get a more elongated and almond-shaped shape.

    Eye shapes - Best suited for people who have fairly large eyelids, and where a large part of the eyelid is visible when looking straight ahead. Then you have a lot of space to paint without taking up the entire eyelid.

    Products - The same as on the classic thin eyeliner, although you can choose products with a wider tip because then it is a little easier to get a wide eyeliner line even.

    different-eyeliners copy 5

    What is a smoky eyeliner?

    A smoky eyeliner can be made in different sizes, both very thin or extra wide, or even wider than that if you like smoky and intense make-up! This eyeliner is thinner at the edges instead of sharp.

    Effects - A wide smoky eyeliner gives a smoky and intense look. A little more party feeling! A thinner line gives the same effects as a classic eyeliner, but you get a different feeling than a sharp line.

    Eye shapes - The size of the smoky eyeliner determines whether it is ideal for large or small eyelids, just like the above eyeliners. But a smoky eyeliner is a great idea for people who have had sagging and wrinkled eyelids with age, because then it is difficult to get a sharp eyeliner evenly. Then lines and irregularities will become less clear!

    Products - In this picture I have used a moved filteyeliner + black eye shadow that I smoked on top. Then you get a carbon black and intense line even though it is sooty (it is easy for a sooty eyeliner to get a little dull). But a faded eyeliner and some gel eyeliners are also good for a smoky line!

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    Different eyeliners and eye shapes
    What is an eyeliner with wing?

    An eyeliner wing is a way to extend your eyeliner so that it becomes more elongated at the outer edge.

    Effects - An eyeliner with a wing makes your eye more almond-shaped and lifts the eye in an incredibly effective way! Also gives a little more feeling to your makeup.

    Eye shapes - Not all eye shapes are ideal for an eyeliner wing, droopy eyes and eyes with a lot of laughter wrinkles can be problematic as the wing breaks off and looks crooked if it ends up in a crease. But there are tricks for these eyes too, read my previous post about it here!

    Products - Can be done with most eyeliner varieties, but easiest with products with a thin tip e.g. felt pencil, diplomas and gel eyeliner and cake eyeliner with a good eyeliner brush.

    So, hope you feel a little wiser and very inspired after my post about different eyeliners and eye shapes! :) Hugs are ♥

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    1. A question with. having only regular eyeliner works on me without any wonder, but what about when you want to try soot? It is eye shadow that discolors after a while .. Do you have primer under then, and in that case only under the eyeliner or the entire eyelid (even though you should not wear eye shadow)? :)

    2. Read Yasmine's comment and it would have been great because then maybe it's a little easier for us
      which are a little unsafe to get to a wing.

    3. Read Matilda's comment, and know that you, Helena, posted steps earlier on how to make eyeliner wing. A good thing would be if you made a video of these variations you wrote about above! So film when you make regular eyeliner, eyeliner with wing, and how to soot it :) Would have been great!

    4. What good pictures you posted on eyeliner, it was perfect to see one by one, and what good close-ups as well. One question, would like to know which "real" light concealer you can recommend. Currently has True Match Touhe Magique and I can well say that I am happy with it.But would like an even lighter.Have peeked online a bit about Nyx concealer, and it should also be comprehensive.Would be interesting and hear if you have also tested them.

    5. Hello again. If you can wish, I would like a post on how to get a nice eyeliner wing. Does not get good at all when I do. :(

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