Different false eyelashes

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    I promised you more pictures of the false eyelashes that have just come to iMys.se, and I keep my word! :)

    Now the pictures look a little funny because I have not bent the eyelashes, painted eyeliner or mascara, simply so that you will really see the false eyelashes.

    But they will of course also be used in make-up so that you can see the whole picture!

    There are only 3 of 4 variants though, I still do not understand how it happened but as soon as I finished taking the product pictures for the shop, one of the packages disappeared! We are not talking about two small false eyelashes as well, but they were in their place packaging. I have even cleaned the apartment and the make-up corner, it is gone without a trace!

    And it felt a little unnecessary to take a new pack of them to sell, because I know it ska  be here somewhere! :)

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    Anyway, here are the pictures!



    The fringe that did not come with today is similar to the one on the right, but is even more natural with a little shorter straw at the corner of the eye and also a little sparser.Untitled-211


    This eyelash is a very nice more festive lash that suits you who already have quite long eyelashes. For those with really short ones, this probably looks a bit unnatural, but for me and many others it is very nice! :)



    This is probably my favorite, it gives more effect than lashes that have become so popular, but becomes very natural on the eye that gets an extra lift!

    Untitled-2222This variant suitable for both everyday and for parties, it gives a natural look while giving a lot of length and fullness!

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    I like everyone very much, even the one who has gone and hid and was not allowed to be in the post;)

    What are your favorites?


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