Sun eczema - Do you also get a rash from the sun? Help against sun eczema!

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    Many people suffer from sun eczema / heat rash as soon as it becomes summer, and I also get a rash from the sun. Therefore, I have to tip about this against sun eczema and rashes.

    I get it every time I go abroad!

    sun eczema Do you also get a rash from the sun? (Help against sun eczema!)

    This is what it looked like in Fuerteventura two years ago.

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    I could not sleep because it itched so much, got up in the middle of the night and took an ice cold shower to relieve my sun eczema a little. ”Cold, but nice"I remember thinking.

    Do you also get rashes from the sun? (Help against sun eczema!)

    The hand was completely swollen from the rash!

    But before this trip to Greece I was prepared, and thanks to that I got almost no rash or sun eczema at all, even though we were there for two whole weeks.

    Here are my top tips tips for sun eczema and sun rash:

    1. Maxosol tablets

    I was tipped off by a blog reader about the supplement Maxosol, and I am eternally grateful! Maxosol contains substances that prepare the skin for the sun, and one eats one tablet a day (preferably start 2 weeks before sun exposure).

    The tablets are for you not to burn as easily, and also to make the tan last a long time. It does not say anything that it helps against sun eczema / rash, but I noticed a huge difference! And so did the blog reader who tipped me off :)

    Maxosol is available for purchase at (adlink)

    2. Do not burn yourself

    The times I have had a burn, I notice that I get a lot more sun eczema on the parts that have turned red.

    3. Sun protection factor

    Even if you do not burn yourself without a sun protection factor, if the skin has already acquired so much color that it can survive, the sun protection factor will still help with the rash! Sun protection is available for purchase at (adlink)

    4. Bada

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    If you sunbathe and have access to a pool / sea / lake, feel free to take a dip from time to time to cool the skin!

    5. Cooling mist

    Use a cooling mist that also contains sun protection factor. It is simply a spray that cools the skin! Super good! This one was allowed to come with me wherever I went in Greece. :)

    I followed all these tips in Greece, and the first four days I was completely free from sun eczema / rash (they usually flare up the first / second day otherwise). Then I got a little rash on my feet and one hand (mini-lite that barely itched).

    It was only when I was careless with the sun protection factor for the last three days (fuck me) as it flared up a bit on the back and chest as well. But not even close to what I usually wear!

    I have suffered more from mosquito bites than sun eczema, so to speak. :)

    Hope my tips are helpful against rashes of the sun and that you do not get sun eczema! Feel free to write a comment if you have any questions or concerns.

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