Dry Shampoo - How to use dry shampoo? (Guide)

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    How to use dry shampoo & what is it? Here you have answers to the most common questions and my best tips for using dry shampoo! :)

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    How to get rid of oily hair?

    There are various reasons why hair is oily.

    I have genetically oily skin and get oily hair quickly no matter what I eat or what hair care routine I have.

    You can also have oily hair due to dehydrated scalp. When the skin is dry, it produces sebum to moisturize and soften itself. It then becomes a word circle - you wash your hair often due to oily hair, which dries out the scalp more and you get oily hair even faster!

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    In my case, I can not get rid of oily hair, except with products such as dry shampoo that absorbs the oil and makes it no longer visible that I have oily hair :)

    While those who have oily hair due to dry scalp can get rid of oily hair by washing their hair less often. Then dry shampoo is a good product in the meantime, so as not to have oily hair even though you do not wash your hair as often!

    How to use dry shampoo?

    Dry shampoo is available in a few different variants, but the most common is in spray form. You spray against the scalp in dry hair if necessary. Quick and easy!

    I usually try not to spray on the skin of the scalp, but only on the hair. Since I wash my hair only once a week, it can start to itch on the scalp if I have a thick layer of dry shampoo there.

    Spray dry shampoo on the scalp, massage in with your fingers. Clear!

    dry shampoo, leaf grip, fresh hair, oily hair, remove oily hair, hair care, shampoo and conditioner, volume in the hair, volume spray, review, wow dream coat

    Difference between spray, mousse & powder?

    Spray and powder are really the same thing, because a spray also has powder in it. The difference is that the spray also contains a liquid that evaporates quickly, which gives an easy application. While a dry shampoo that is only a powder is applied "manually" as a spice jar :)

    There are also mousses that are like dry shampoo, which you can apply to damp hair after the shower. Some can also be applied to dry hair.

    Best dry shampoo?

    I have used dry shampoo for several, several years and am quite picky! I want an effective dry shampoo that also gives a little volume, while it must not be too rough on the scalp (but preferably a little).

    It must not have too strong a scent either, because I have very oily hair and use so much dry shampoo.

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    So, which product meets all these requirements? :)

    löwengrip dry shampoo, review,

    Löwengrip Good To Go Dry Shampoo (adlink) in the scent Jasmine & Amber! It smells mild but good, is effective without turning white in the hair and gives an effective volume that you can easily "buff up" during the day when needed.

    For extra volume?

    Löwengrip also has one Dry Volume Spray (adlink) which is perfect if you want more volume! Sprayed on dry hair (just like a dry shampoo) but instead of absorbing powder, it only gives volume.

    löwengrip dry volume spray, review

    Just spray a little, buff your hair with your fingertips and then spray a little more if you want more. Because it is very effective and if you spray too much you can hardly pull your fingers through the hair then, haha. But if you spray a little, it's PERFECT!

    dry shampoo, leaf grip, fresh hair, oily hair, remove oily hair, hair care, shampoo and conditioner, volume in the hair, volume spray, review, wow dream coat

    Dry shampoo in fresh hair

    If you spray dry shampoo and have fresh hair, you can get a pretty dry feeling in the whole hair. Then it is good to have a moisturizing product in the lengths!

    If you, like me, follow many beauty accounts on Instagram, you probably have not missed the product WOW Dream Coat (adlink) which covers each hair with an "invisible veil" and holds 3-4 washes.

    wow dream coat

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    I made the mistake of clicking it home just before we went out in Europe with our camper van = have no hair dryer and it should be activated with heat! So I have not actually tested it myself haha, BUT it is unbelievable well-reviewed among other beauticians and should really make a big difference for fresh hair. So still dare to recommend you to try it! :)

    Shampoo and conditioner for oily hair

    I who both bleached my hair a lot and have oily scalp like it a lot Löwengrip Repair & Shine Shampoo & Conditioner (adlink) which smells incredibly good!

    The shampoo is very effective for oily hair because it foams quickly and really washes the hair clean. Since I rarely wash my hair, I have both a lot of grease and dry shampoo that needs to be washed clean, which means that some shampoos do not foam at all the first application and I either have to use a lot or I have to shampoo my hair three times instead of two.

    But this shampoo foams quickly even the first application and is very effective.

    I also use conditioner on the scalp (some say you should not do it if you have oily hair, I do not agree) and this is a soft and very nice conditioner but still does not weigh down the hair after washing. Very good!

    löwengrip repair & shine review

    Smells a little apple pie and custard I think? But in a mild and good way, not at all slick or so! :)

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    Hope the tips were helpful! :)

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