Durable soft lips

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Creamy and soft lips in a nice neutral shade, which lasts well and does not need to be improved often. Sure sounds good? :) Perfect everyday lips in the winter as many have slightly drier lips that need a lot of moisture.

Today's lips are just that! Incredibly soft lips with caring lipstick with argan oil and really lasting results with lip pencil and lip primer. Here is a tutorial on how I have done with lip makeup from the webshop:


Fint va? :) Works for all occasions.


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Fint va? :) The afterimage looks fuller but it's a bit because I happened to have my mouth more open. I have not painted the lips bigger at all, or yes they are tattooed bigger from the beginning but they are not made up more outside than the tattoo;)

Here's what I did:


1. Paese Color Adapt Lip Pencil*
This transparent lip pencil is really for just the contours, but I think it is really good as a lip primer on the whole lips! Slightly waxy (but not sticky at all) in consistency and is a perfect base for the lipstick and makes it last longer. Contains caring castor oil, lecithin that regulates moisture and vitamin E.


2. Benecos Natural Lip Liner (Brown)*
The lip liner always fits super well! Mark the contours with a color that is a little darker than your own color.


3. Paese Lipstick (25)*
And finish with this super nice lipstick! Nourishes the lips with argan oil and is very soft and comfortable on the lips. Has received an incredible number of 5-star reviews in the webshop :)



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Quick, easy and nice!


PUSS on is! ♥min-webshop

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