Color Eyebrows & Eyelashes at Home (5 Steps)

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    It does not have to be that difficult to dye eyelashes or dye eyebrows at home! Here is a step by step guide on how to color my lashes and eyebrows myself with eyebrow color / eyelash color.

    Coloring eyelashes on yourself may otherwise sound like an impossibility, but after many mistakes, I have found a way to apply eyelash color that works for at least my eyelashes. It will be as good a result as at a salon!

    The most common brands to color eyebrows / eyelashes at home are Depend and Refectocil. I use Refectocil eyebrow color and think it is the best eyebrow color, but Depend also works! :)

    I used Depend eyebrow color before but do not remember so detailed, however, I have many customers who say that the biggest difference is that Refectocil lasts longer.

    Table of Contents:
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    Everything you need to color eyelashes / color eyebrows at home: Eyebrow color, eyelash color, hydrogen peroxide, Vaseline and tools! I link everything you need in the step-by-step description + a summary list at the bottom of the post! :)

    This guide also works for guys & men! So if you are thinking about how to color eyebrows or eyelashes as a guy / man, read on! The method is the same regardless of gender!

    Color Eyebrows at home step by step:

    Coloring eyebrows at home is easy technically, just apply the color and wait a while. BUT there are lots of little tips and tricks that will help you get such eye-catching eyebrows as at a salon!

    So preferably do not just look at the pictures but read my tips for each picture :)

    Refectocil light brown light brown, hydrogen peroxide, oxidation cream, depend eyebrow color

    1. Mix eyebrow color

    Mix eyebrow color with hydrogen peroxide cream about 50/50 in amount. This picture is for you to see the amount, but I mixed with my brush afterwards so that it becomes an even cream!

    I use the color Refectocil Eyebrow Color (adlink) in the shade Light Brown. I write more about choosing eyebrow color / eyelash color further down in the post!

    And the hydrogen peroxide Oxidant 3% Creme (adlink). Available in a more liquid form as well, but I prefer to work with the cream. You must activate eyebrow color with hydrogen peroxide, otherwise nothing happens.

    I have a perfect dip bowl that is for coloring eyebrows, but you can use a regular glass as well :)

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    fefectocil light brown light brown

    2. Color eyebrows

    Start applying eyebrow color to the areas you have the lightest / sparsest with straws.

    For me, this is the top and highest point, which is very common. There, it is often sparser with straws, which means that it is perceived as lighter (if you have darker straws than skin).

    With it can vary! Some have sparser edges or a sparser spot somewhere.

    Longer duration of action = darker results. To a certain extent, of course. The result is a more even color if you color the more sparse areas a little longer.

    If you have even eyebrows without sparser areas, it does not matter much how you apply the color. Some people want darker outer edges and lighter inner ones, then you can put in the outer edges first!

    refectocil light brown, brow, shape, tops, cotton swab

    3. Clean the edges with tops / cotton swab

    Draw with a top along the edges so that the color lies nicely in the shape you want it.

    You can color eyebrows by applying a thick mass on the entire brow only, but then you should preferably protect the area around the eyebrows with Vaseline, because the color can discolour a little on the skin immediately afterwards.

    If the skin becomes colored and you put on a nice shape, it does not do much, the eyebrows just look nicely made up. But if you put the color like a bluff, you will have a bluff stain around the brows later, which is not so fun :)

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    eyes, lashes, eyebrows, brush, makeup brush, synthetic brush, skin, eye,

    Do each step on both brows at the same time. So in my case; the top of both brows, then I put on the bottom of both brows.

    So I do not usually finish the paint on one brow and then start on the other, but I do everything calmly and slowly on both brows at the same time.

    Effect times I thus do not know here, but when I put on the top of the second brow and cleaned with tops, it is time to continue with the bottom of the first brow.

    refectocil light brown natural brown light brown natural brown

    … And all the way to the edge!

    dye eyebrows, dye eyelashes, dye eyebrows at home, eyebrow color, dye eyelashes on oneself,

    In the inner edge I usually put a little less thick with paint + dab a little with tops so that the edge is not completely straight.

    This is because the color can stick a little on the skin immediately afterwards, then it is fine if it is not sharp and dark in the inner edge.

    dye eyebrows, dye eyelashes, dye eyebrows at home, eyebrow color, dye eyelashes on oneself,

    In the middle of the process of coloring eyebrows at home, it's hard not to take a selfie, haha! Do not be afraid of how dark it looks, the color looks dark even though it is light brown!

    4. Effect time eyebrow color

    How long the effect time is when you are going to color eyebrows depends on what result you are looking for. The longer the duration of action, the darker the result.

    To get long durability, you should not let the paint work for a short time, but 3 minutes as a minimum usually works well for most eyebrows.

    When I have finished applying, I usually wait for about 3 minutes, then the paint has worked for maybe 7-8 minutes on my sparse areas that I applied on first.

    cotton pad, wipe, eyes

    5. Wipe off all eyebrow color

    Wipe off the brow color with a damp cotton swab. Keep in mind that the color is darker when the straws are wet, so feel free to wipe with a dry cotton swab or piece of paper before judging the color.

    (6. If necessary) - Apply more eyebrow color on selected areas

    Very often there is still some area on the brow that is a little brighter. Then you can apply color once more in just that area!

    On some customers with very uneven eyebrows, in this step I can even make the assessment to add a darker color in these areas. For example. mix in natural brown in the light brown color.

    In other words, it is not the straws that are lighter in color, but the brow is perceived to be lighter in areas that are sparser. So even though you make certain straws darker, the whole is experienced to be more even.

    makeup tips, hints, eyebrows, shape, sparse, bright

    I put on a little more on the top of my eyebrows, where I have a little sparse with straws.

    Here you see my colored eyebrows before & after:

    before after coloring eyebrows, coloring eyelashes, coloring eyebrows at home, eyebrow color, coloring the eyelashes on oneself,

    I also have an eyebrow tattoo, so even though I have fairly light hair in the middle of the eyebrows, I still have an even shape even before lash color. It's nice to color eyebrows at home even though you have a tattoo, it highlights the straws extra!

    Color Eyelashes at home step by step:

    Eyebrow color and eyelash color are the same thing, the difference is that you often choose black when you want to color eyelashes and brown tones for the eyebrows. Some color the eyelashes with brown eyebrow color, it also works well!

    Can you dye eyelashes on yourself? Do you have to close your eyes? How do you not get eyelash color in the eyes?

    The most important thing to get "salon results" when you are going to dye eyelashes at home is to 1. have good products that give a carbon black and durable result. And 2. cover the lashes thoroughly with a lot of eyelash color, from root to top on every single eyelash.

    The latter is not quite simple, because if you get eyelash color in the eyes, it hurts a lot! Coloring eyelashes on oneself is very different from doing on a customer, but I have found a way that at least works perfectly for me without getting eyelash color in the eyes - but still get as good results as at a salon!

    refectocil blue black blue black, black, pure black, eyelash color

    1. Mix eyelash color

    You mix eyelash color in the same way as when coloring eyebrows! Mix eyebrow color with hydrogen peroxide cream about 50/50 in amount.

    I use eyelash dye Refectocil Eyebrow Color (adlink) in the shade Black Blue. I write more about choosing eyebrow color / eyelash color long down in the post!

    As well as hydrogen peroxide Oxidant 3% Creme (adlink). Available in a more liquid form as well, but I prefer to work with the cream. You must activate the paint with hydrogen peroxide, otherwise nothing happens.

    I have a perfect dipping bowl for this that is specifically for coloring eyebrows, but you can use a regular glass as well :)

    Vaseline, liquid Vaseline, eye, eyes, brush, tips, lower lashes

    2. Protect the skin around the eyes

    On customers I use both Vaseline and Silicone Pads (adlink). On myself, I only use Vaseline, a thick layer under and over the eye. I have such sensitive eyes so silicone pads are just annoying when I look and move, it works great when you close your eyes and sit still in a salon though :)

    But only Vaseline also works well, then eyebrow color does not stick to the skin even if you happen to smudge. But beware of eyelashes! If you get Vaseline on the lashes, do not take the eyebrow color there.

    Tip! Take Vaseline only on one side of the brush, so that the top of the brush is still completely clean. Then you can gently place the Vaseline under your lower lashes without smearing them.

    However, I personally prefer not to dye the entire lower lashes actually. My own fix idea that I feel nicer when it is dark at the bottom of the lower fringe as a mark only. That's why I deliberately put Vaseline on about half of my lower lashes! So only on the tops :)

    dye eyebrows, dye eyelashes, eyelash dye, dye eyebrows at home, eyebrow color, dye eyelashes on oneself,

    Color the lashes at home / on yourself

    My own method of coloring eyelashes on myself is to put the color on the most important areas first; so if it should shit and start to sting on the road, it is at least okay-good results haha.

    I therefore start to apply a thick layer on the upper lashes, but not all the way to the root. But almost. Then there is almost no risk at all that something will come in your eyes. In the worst case, I have at least carbon black upper lashes, even if they are not carbon black only towards the lash root!

    I let this color work for about 5 minutes. The entire effect time is at least 10 minutes on eyelashes but my lashes are light-colored and become very black already in 5 minutes. Besides, the plan is that I will not have to wash it off until I am completely done;)

    color lower lashes

    Then I put on the lower lashes! If you happen to put on the waterline / mucous membrane, remove with tops immediately!

    dye eyebrows, dye eyelashes, dye eyebrows at home, eyelash dye, eyebrow dye, dye the eyelashes on themselves,

    Then I put in towards the root! Still a little careful inside the corner of the eye though.

    Now the first lash color has "solidified" a bit, it is more runny immediately when applied. Which makes it easier to apply to the root now without getting it in the eyes. If you happen to get on the upper waterline / mucous membrane, remove with tops immediately, otherwise it will soon start to sting.

    Lets work for a few minutes. Should you need to wash off after this step, you still have a nice lash color. So take the safe before the unsafe and wait a while before continuing. But it can get even better!

    lash root, lash scalp, lash line

    Then I lay along the entire lash root from the top as well! Here it is still uncolored because so far I have only brushed from the underside of the eyelashes.

    Not too thick layer, brush on gently. Keep in mind that it is liquid, it should not run into the eyes :)

    Let it work for a while.

    corner of the eye, access, eyelash color

    Last but not least - if you have come this far, you can put more carefully in the corner of the eye also to dye every single straw even there!

    color eyebrows, eyelash color, color eyelashes, color eyebrows at home, eyebrow color, color the lashes on yourself,

    4. Effect time eyelash color

    I made it! My eyelashes are now completely covered in eyebrow color and it does not hurt. I can of course blink during the whole process but I am careful, I do not blink hard and turn my whole head when I look in different directions instead of moving my eyes. There are usually no problems at all, but it was not quite easy to pick up my big system camera and take close-ups of every single step this time;)

    The effect time when coloring eyelashes with eyebrow color is at least 10 minutes. But it does not hurt if it works anymore! When you are going to color eyebrows, the effect time determines the result, but with lash color, you usually want it as dark as possible.

    Since I do this step by step, the total duration of action for the tips of the eyelashes (which I applied first) is 20-25 minutes. While the corner of the eye and the top of the eyebrows were given 10 minutes of action time. Bleaching may not work for too long, but there is no danger with regular eyebrow color.

    dye eyebrows, dye eyelashes, dye eyebrows at home, eyebrow color, dye eyelashes on oneself,

    5. Wash off eyelash color

    If you start rinsing directly under the tap, you can get eyelash color in your eyes, because you have so much eyelash color so close to the eye. I therefore usually start by wiping the lower lashes with a damp cotton pad.

    Then I wipe off basically all the eyelash color from the upper lashes as well. By pulling upwards first and removing everything superfluous, before I close my eyes and dry. I get rid of all color with just moistened cotton pads, but you can rinse off the last of the lukewarm water if you want!

    The same applies when coloring eyebrows, it is enough to remove with a cotton swab but it is also possible to rinse in water!

    Before and after eyelash color at home

    Here you see my colored eyelashes before & after:

    color eyebrows, eyelash color, color eyelashes, color eyebrows at home, eyebrow color, color the lashes on yourself,

    Carbon black really! Best eyelash color !!

    I have tattooed lashliner (thin eyeliner / lash marking) along the lash root as well. Then it's extra nice with lash color for my tattoo makes the whole lash line so intensely black! :)

    dye eyebrows, dye eyelashes, dye eyebrows at home, eyebrow color, dye eyelashes on oneself,

    Color eyebrows and eyelashes at home, on yourself - CHECK! Tadaa!

    Completely unmade up, except for a little powder that removes redness around the nose where I am always quite red :) The lips, eyeliner and the light liner (along the waterline) are tattooed!

    Choose the right eyebrow color for eyebrows

    "What eyebrow color suits me?" is a common question when coloring eyebrows at home! I can only speak based on Refectocil's colors that I have worked with on customers, as I do not have as much experience with other brands.

    Refectocil Eyebrow Color - 3.1 Light Brown

    How light this color becomes depends mostly on your natural brow color. On me, the result is quite cold and a few steps darker, because I naturally have sand-colored eyebrows. But on very light eyebrows and with a short duration of action, the result is much lighter and even warmer.

    On a blonde person with warm colors, you can use this alone.

    If you are very light but want a cooler result, I recommend mixing with Natural Brown or a tiny click of Graphite which is gray.

    blonde eyebrows, bright eyebrows, pick, shape, color, refectocil light brown light brown, depend eyebrow color

    The result of coloring eyebrows with 50/50 Light Brown and Natural Brown, on a blonde customer.

    Refectocil Eyebrow Color - 3 Natural Brown

    The most common color when I color eyebrows! Cold dark brown, can become very dark with a long action time, but you can color lighter eyebrows with a short action time as well.

    In principle, always use this on anyone who is darker than blonde, even on black-haired people because you often want a little warmth in the eyebrows anyway. Black color on the brows can sometimes be perceived as a bit greyish.

    On medium blonde I use it sometimes with a short duration of action and sometimes together with light brown.

    brown eyebrows, refectocil natural brown, natural brown, results, depend eyebrow color, pick, color, eyebrow plucking

    The result of coloring eyebrows with Natural Brown on a customer who was very satisfied!

    Refectocil Eyebrow Color - 1 Pure Black

    I rarely use this alone on the eyebrows, it can be a little greyish tone on the face. But mixing Natural Brown and Black will be great if you want darker than dark brown!

    Great for eyelashes if you want black but not intense carbon black. Have several customers who choose this as an eyelash color.

    Refectocil Eyebrow Color - 2 Blue Black / Blue Black

    The most common eyelash color! Carbon black, great! Have never used this to color eyebrows.

    dye eyebrows, dye eyelashes, dye eyebrows at home, eyebrow color, dye the eyelashes on themselves, dementia eyebrow color, refectocil eyebrow color, color

    In today's pictures, as I said, I use Blue Black / Blue Black!

    Refectocil Eyebrow Color - Graphite

    Have never used this alone to color eyebrows, but great for cooling down the other colors. One small click is enough! Type 80/20 where the smallest part is Graphite.

    Refectocil Eyebrow Color - 4 Chestnut

    Have only used this once to color eyebrows, and experienced it as a cool purple-red tone. Nothing in demand.

    Refectocil Eyebrow Color - 4.1 Red

    Have never tried coloring eyebrows with this one, must admit! Most people with red hair want brown or light brown eyebrows anyway. We have it at the salon but none of my customers have ever asked for red.

    Refectocil Eyebrow Color - 0. Blonde / Bleaching

    Bleaches eyebrows, becomes great! Easy to work with.

    dye eyebrows, dye eyelashes, dye eyebrows at home, eyebrow color, dye eyelashes on oneself,

    In the middle of the process of coloring eyebrows at home, then a lot of selfies are taken! ;)

    Questions & Answers about lash color & brow color:

    How long do colored eyebrows last?

    If you use good products, the color lasts as long as at the salon, even if you choose to color eyebrows at home!

    According to Refectocil, eyebrow color lasts for 6 weeks, but it also depends on how dark you color and how long you let your eyebrow color work. If you use a dark brown color and let it work for 10 minutes, it will last longer than a light brown color that works for 5 minutes.

    Most people who usually dye their eyebrows regularly do so every 4 weeks. Then the color does not usually have dropped completely, but that it is time for a refill.

    It can also be very different depending on how often you wash and if you scrub a lot in the area but. As well as the quality of the eyebrows, on some it holds better and others worse.

    They also fade faster if you are in the sun a lot, the durability is longer in the winter.

    - How long do colored eyelashes last?

    According to Refectocil, lash color lasts for 6 weeks, but from experience I know that it can differ a lot depending on how often you wash but also the quality of the lashes. Most people who dye regularly do so every 4-5 weeks.

    Customers with very light lashes usually improve because the fringe grows out and not because the color drops. I have had a regular customer who had a clear light outgrowth on their eyelashes after 4 weeks - light roots but still quite black in the tops :) The eyelash cycle is about 2 months.

    They also fade faster if you are in the sun a lot, the durability is longer in the winter.

    dye eyebrows, dye eyelashes, dye eyebrows at home, eyebrow color, dye eyelashes on oneself,

    - Can you dye a beard with eyebrow color?

    Yes, you can even color beards with eyebrow color! The principle is the same as when coloring eyebrows. It is possible that when coloring beards you use a larger brush and mix a larger amount of paint.

    - How often do you dye your eyebrows & eyelashes?

    Most people who color continuously usually color eyebrows after approx. 3-4 weeks and the eyelashes after 4-5 weeks. My clients who do lashes and eyebrows at the same time come every 4 weeks.

    unmade-up eyes, makeup summer tips, curved eyelashes, eyelash color, long eyelashes, eyelash curlers, fine without makeup

    After eyelash curler and a little bass makeup, the eyes looked like this!

    In the summer, I usually dye my eyelashes more often to have them this carbon black. Then I bend the lashes with an eyelash curler and skip the mascara completely. I rarely dye eyebrows, however, because I have a tattoo underneath, I always have well-shaped eyebrows anyway :)

    - How to remove eyebrow color from the skin?

    On my customers I use Refectocil Tint Remover (adlink) and rub gently with a tops on the skin. On customers where the color adheres a lot to the skin (usually if you are dry) it usually does not disappear to 100%, but enough to look nice :)

    You can also do it with makeup remover or micellar water, but it is not quite as effective as the Tint Remover.

    - Is it dangerous or bad to color eyelashes / eyebrows and are there any risks / side effects?

    It is relatively risk-free and it is extremely uncommon to get side effects Refectocil if applied correctly. If you are above, however, it can get in the eyes when you color eyelashes and will then sting a little.

    If you get any type of reaction, it is always good to wash off the paint so as not to risk aggravating it. If you are unsure whether you can tolerate the eyebrow color or not, you can try putting a little color on the forearm for a few minutes and see if you get a reaction.

    If you are sensitive to any ingredient, it is always good to look at the table of contents!

    - Can you whiten eyebrows?

    Yes, it is possible to whiten eyebrows / color eyebrows lighter! Then you use Refectocil - Blonde Brow (adlink). If this is the first time you have bleached eyebrows, it is good to be a little careful and rather take less time than longer! :) Let it work for a few minutes, remove a piece with tops and see what it looks like, add more if necessary.

    NOTE! If you have done a brow lift before bleaching, the treatment time can be shortened by a few minutes.

    It is best to get the bleaching nice immediately, but if you want to bleach first and then dye afterwards, rather use light brown and leave on for between 30 seconds - 1 min before you remove and check what it looks like. The color becomes extra effective after bleaching and is absorbed into the straws immediately!

    pale eyebrows, blonde eyebrows, lighten up eyebrows, remove eyebrow color, eyebrow whitening, refectocil eyebrow color blonde

    This eyebrow whitening my colleague has done on a customer!

    - What can you do if you get too dark eyebrows after coloring?

    If you have too dark eyebrows for eyebrow color and want to get them lighter immediately, you need to bleach your eyebrows. But keep in mind that they are often darker 2-3 days after the color and will soften in tone quickly! So it is usually better to persevere :)

    It is common to feel dark right after eyebrow color, because you are above. But next time, the person wants to color eyebrows with the same eyebrow color again, because it was just right after a few days. If you do the result right away, you will more quickly feel that you want to color again, as the color disappears over and over again.

    You can speed up this process by washing your eyebrows extra carefully morning and evening, sitting in the sun (if it is that time of year) and exfoliating your eyebrows.

    - Can you color eyebrows / eyelashes if you are pregnant?

    Yes, it should not be a problem to color eyebrows or eyelashes if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

    Because fringe & brow colors are used for such a short time and so rarely, it is rather more important to make sure what you eat, drink and do every day. This is what has the great impact on yourself and the child.

    color eyebrows, eyelash color, color eyelashes, color eyebrows at home, eyebrow color, color the lashes on yourself,

    Products for coloring Eyebrows / Eyelashes:

    I use the same products to dye eyelashes myself as I have to dye eyebrows, but other colors. I usually use blue lashes for lashes, while when I color my eyebrows I use natural brown / brown. The colors can also be mixed to get the shade you are looking for.

    - List of products I use:

    All links are adlinks:

    There's also Silicone Pads to protect the skin from color, these I can recommend if you are a beginner / above with coloring the lashes on yourself.

    Refectocil is available in the colors: Graphite (Gray), Brown (Brown / Natural Brown), Black (Black), Blue Black (Blue Black), Chestnut (Red Brown), Blonde (Bleaching), Light Brown (Light Brown), Red (Red).

    summer makeup tips tattoo eyeliner, eyelash color

    This is how I looked after eyelash curlers, a little powder that neutralizes redness, bronzer, blush and lipstick! :) Such a simple everyday look - nice to not have to fill in the brows and paint mascara!

    Hope my post about coloring eyelashes & coloring eyebrows at home has been helpful! If there are any questions about coloring lashes & coloring eyebrows, just leave a comment below! :)

    If someone has tested several brands for coloring eyebrows or lashes, feel free to share which one you think has the best eyebrow color!

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