Color your hair with blueberries

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    I am part of the beauty group Beauty and bullshit on Facebook and a week ago it was a person who posted before and after pictures of hair coloring with blueberries! :)

    That hair color turned bright purple! A nice, cold lavender purple. But that hair was completely bleached before and very light, unlike mine, but it was crazy effective with blueberries!

    My hair gets hot and golden very quickly, and I like it a lot more when it's cold. But since my color is not very light, silver shampoo does not take much, I have used super effective shampoos and wraps but it will only be a tiny color correction. Silver shampoo is best when you have lighter hair.

    Therefore, I became incredibly curious about this with coloring my hair with blueberries, not to get purple hair but as an effective silver shampoo type :)

    Here is the result:

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    It's kind of gray with a faint tone to blue in the tops, and further up on the head almost nothing has happened, just a little colder :)

    What do you think? Elevator or diss?

    I am satisfied! Or at least it could have been much worse haha. It's not a nice blonde tone (as you might wish) but a rather dull color, but I think it's nice anyway!

    There will be a film on the whole transformation and exactly how I went about it, I filmed the whole course of events.


    A little crazy before and after pictures maybe when I both have different colors on the shirt + that you look mostly at the difference in the make-up. As the worst beginner blogger haha. The pictures are taken on completely different days, which is why it turned out that way.

    The blueberries
    Buy blueberries that are forest-picked, or at least not those where "extra large blueberries" that barely have any color in them. I had blueberries in the freezer that my grandmother picked last summer.

    1. Thaw the blueberries, I did it in the micron so that they became non-frozen only, not hot.
    2. Run the blueberries in a juicer if you have one at home! I googled a bit on this before coloring and the ones that everyone said were the hardest was to get rid of all the peels and stuff from the blueberries that got stuck in the hair and scalp. But in a juicer you only get pure juice.
    3. You can have the blueberries directly in the hair but I mixed with silicone-free conditioner, organic conditioner even so you can call this organic hair color;) 100% natural!

    Wear gloves, preferably with spring napkins close so that you can quickly wipe away blueberries from the skin. I had the whole blueberry cream in a bowl and picked it up with my fingers and applied it all over my hair. Had dry and unwashed hair but no styling products in. Apply a fairly thick layer so that it does not end up uneven and becomes flammable.

    Effect time
    I had my hair in a knot and let the blueberries work for about 1.5 hours. Then it was kind of dry so do not think it would have given so much more color even if it sat longer.

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    Rinse out
    I washed my hair with shampoo, wrap and conditioner just as usual afterwards. After rinsing but before shampooing, the hair looked really super-purple!

    Where the hair is drier (mostly bleached on me) where the hair absorbs more color. So for me it was not a huge change at the top of the hair but in the tops it really sucked. And it did not turn purple at all, but rather gray-blue, like a super-effective silver shampoo type :)


    Summary - How the color will be with blueberries can probably not be said until you test. On the person on fb it turned purple and on me it turned gray-blue. You can do this in a few different ways, but I still think that juicer and conditioner are a good idea to get it creamy and easy to get even throughout the hair. If you want more effect, you can probably wash your hair first and apply blueberry conditioner last, and then just rinse it out. For my shampoo probably washed out quite a lot.

    Keep in mind that:
    Blue on top yellow neutralizes, but blue beside yellow highlights. So if you e.g. has light loops in the hair and the rest a darker golden tone that you want to mute, then the bleached loops can absorb more color and become more blue = the blue loops emphasize the yellow in the hair even more.

    Can come back with how long it lasts for etc when I have had it for a while. You can probably experiment even more with this too, let's see if I test more stuff!

    Have any of you colored with blueberries, or maybe beets or something else that colors easily? How did it go for you? Or do you get the urge to try? :)

    Hugs are! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Interesting!
      Have heard of ketchup, as well as wrapping with cocoa, but not blueberries. My hair turns yellow easily, so maybe you should try some mild variant?

      • Cool! Ketchup for green tones in the hair, I have probably also heard now when you say it. You can certainly stick to the same principle but smaller blueberries, I had quite a lot. Have thought about whether you can mix in the blueberries directly in the conditioner bottle as well, although a little smaller amount, and always have some blueberries at the end when washing your hair. Then it becomes milder and stays nice. Because you can't bear to run a little blueberry in a juicer every time you take a shower :) The question is whether it gets old in the packaging or if the preservative in the conditioner also affects the blueberries hehe. Going to the hairdresser in a month so do not intend to experiment with before that anyway, then she will probably get bored of me haha :)

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