Easter celebration 2016

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    We have had really, really wonderful days this Easter weekend, and yesterday when we celebrated Easter at my grandmother's in the country, it was me and Miska who did the Easter eggs and the hiding :)

    hide-easter eggs

    And nothing half-hearted is done here! We bought stuffed candy bags, laid out plastic foil all over the table, poured out all the candy and stood with plastic gloves and sorted so that each egg got the same number of candies and evenly with chocolate / sour etc. Then we numbered all the eggs too!

    Every year there is something that has not been found, and since we hide out in the woods in a very large area, it is impossible to keep track of everyone. This year we hid 24 pieces! But each egg had a number, then I took a picture of each hiding place so when we were done you could easily see "number 17 is missing" and browse the picture gallery and see where that particular egg was somewhere :)

    Easter eggs

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    Here you see number 21 which was hidden behind an old barn;)


    The best thing about spring - lamb chicks! Here is a cutie who was a bit frozen out by her mother and needs extra food and love on the side to cope. And if you ask my grandmother, it was a little spoiled by us "it will never want to go out to the others again!" Lol.


    It would fit in my hair color;) ♥

    Now we enjoy the spring sun one last day before we continue with hard work at the salon. Really nice with leave but it itches in the fingers I can admit!

    Today we have grilled:


    Completely normal barbecue area on köpmangatan…;)

    Hope you had a great weekend too! And that you appreciate a little everyday pictures from time to time as well, get requests for it sometimes so took the opportunity when I had some pictures to offer.

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    Hugs are! ♥

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    1. Fun to see what you have come up with with the family! And the last picture is too funny, looks like you are grilling your hands in peace :-p

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