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    This is one thing that I think I missed to tell in the blog actually, when I started with my webshop idea I had contact with a brand called Eco minerals which I was going to start selling. But then it dragged on to the time when a physical store wanted to start selling this and then got exclusive rights in Sweden for a certain amount of time to avoid competition, and during that time I came in contact with YAG mineral instead!

    But that does not take away the fact that I still like Eco minerals, their products give a great result and in addition you can buy refills and refill your foundation jar instead of buying a brand new jar - which is also good environmental thinking and also cheaper.

    However, I will stick to YAG mineral now even though I could include Eco minerals in the webshop, of course you can probably not have too many organic products but I am so happy with YAG so I prefer to focus on just that! :)

    But I thought for fun I would still show you some Eco minerals make-up and reviews, I have already written about their mascara on today and here are pictures of their basic make-up:

    eco-minerals-before-and-after foundation

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    Unmade vs with foundation + lustrous pillows.

    The foundation is available in two different varieties "Perfection" and "Flawless". Perfection is more adapted for normal / dry / mature skin, while Flawless suits normal / oily skin better. I have Flawless foundation in the shade Porcelain in the pictures.


    The foundation covers very well, blends well into the skin and gives a natural and lasting result. The jar contains a strainer that can be closed. Nothing to complain about :) A can of 5 grams costs SEK 259 and is available for purchase here.

    The lustrous powder, Mineral Illuminate White Light, is a white shimmery powder that gives the face a very nice glow! On me it will be super nice, but I probably do not recommend it to you with darker skin tone because then white products have a tendency to look greyish (have not tested this powder on a darker skin so I can not so for it to 100%).




    With foundation and lustrous powder.


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    + sun pillows (Summer) and red (Amethyst).

    So I say two thumbs up for Eco minerals! :)

    Now you are probably wondering like this "Which is better, YAG mineral or Eco minerals?"

    Had I thought that Eco minerals is better, I would not have hesitated to bring in that webshop, so in other words I do not think so. In terms of results, however, I think that both will be really, really good! I like that Eco minerals have refills (have to tip yag about it) and that it is a little cheaper per gram.

    But YAG mineral contains fewer ingredients, which is always good for sensitive skin, in addition I like those jars more because it is easier to get the contents out of the strainer because there are not only holes on one side of the jar, that eco minerals can be closed does not benefit me as I do not like to dip my fingers in the jar to close the strainer - long nails and powder on the fingers, just messy haha.

    In addition, if we talk about the environment and transport, YAG mineral feels better as it is a Swedish brand manufactured in Halmstad. Eco minerals come from Australia. It feels good that I as a dealer can go down to Halmstad at any time and see how everything works! :)

    Hope you like that I review other brands than the ones I sell myself, and not just think I confuse you? :)

    Hugs are!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. I like that you talk about other products than the ones you sell yourself because it makes you seem more credible. If you were just talking about the products you sell, I would have been skeptical if you were actually telling the truth or not, but when you write about other products as well, it shows me that you not only care about selling, but also to give tips on good products to your readers.

      Sorry if there are a lot of spelling mistakes, but Swedish is not my mother tongue so there may be mistakes here and there.

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