Emelie Ohlsson's Photo Course

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    Did anyone read this post yesterday? I published it, me vet that I did, but now that I woke up it was no longer there? Now I have written everything again.


    I have walked Emelie Ohlssons photography course via the web, it is a basic course ”Get this party startedAnd I'm so happy!

    You are a little ashamed now in retrospect that you have bought such an expensive camera without learning it. I do not even know what setting I used to shoot with, I access those buttons and change all the time.

    Before, I seriously thought that the TV setting was for if you wanted to shoot a TV or computer, without getting those flickering stripes, haha. Have also tested this ..

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    But now it's changed, and I'll never use Auto again! :) The course costs only SEK 249, and is perfect for us with a system camera that does not have the strength to read the instruction manual.

    Emelie is super good at both photography and explaining. Even I, who is both non-technical and quite uninterested, understood just EVERYTHING, and thought it was fun!

    Here are beautiful Emelie, the picture I borrowed from her blog.

    The course is very pedagogically structured, all descriptions are available both in texts and in videos, which for me is perfect who would like to see, hear and read to learn! I especially like all the videos, where you really see how she presses the camera, how she stands when she takes pictures of others, etc.

    Emelie talks so that it becomes interesting, no strange words that confuse. And the few "strange words" that do not have a simple synonym, she explains so well that there are absolutely no problems to keep up with.

    You get to learn all the buttons and settings, superficially on the camera. And further into the course you get to learn the basic settings ISO, aperture and shutter speed. You get to know which lenses are good for what, and several other functions that are good to know.

    I kind of ignore what happens in the camera when you do certain things and things that are uninteresting, I just want to know which settings are best for portraits, nature photos, or what to take now, and that is the best thing about the course ! It's basically just the most important and fun parts you go through, that really make a difference in the pictures :)

    You can also download the course material, so that you can go back and rehearse offline or when the course time is over.

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    Photographed yesterday's make-up both as I usually do and as I will do now, so you can see the difference!

    Now I stand in daylight without flash, before I used my makeup mirror lights with flash. In addition, I had another lens then, which does not fit as well for portraits. Now I use a 50mm lens, which means that the images are as the eye sees and not distorted in any way. (I had no idea about this before the course)

    In addition, I shoot with lower aperture numbers now, type 2.5, I think I had in the pictures that were the best, and I could not have that low on my previous lens.

    I still have to practice a bit to get the pictures perfect, but that is already a clear improvement! Do you not think so? :)

    I also use remote shutter release and a small tripod, so I do not have to hold the camera.

    See as nice pictures I can take now! Love the blur in the background :) At the end of the course you get tips for better everyday and blog photos. Super good I think! We all have use for that :)


    I have also started shooting in RAW instead of jpeg, which gives the images better quality and also makes it easier when you have to edit the light and colors later.

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    Also want to thank Molkan which helped me to get RAW images in photoshop :)

    This course has helped me so much, and I can really recommend it to you.

    Many thanks Emelie!

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