Essie launches new nail polish!

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    This week I got a press sample of Essie's new nail polish collections "Spring Collection" and "Retro Revival Collection" which both contain 6 colors each, so a total of 12 new nail polish colors and I have them all and thought to show them to you now :)

    Look at such beautiful colors:


    I photographed them in color order, but the bottles with stars on the corks are from the Retro Revival collection and contain shimmer or glitter and are party-inspired! The bottles without stars are from Spring Collection and come in 6 spring shades.

    I think all the paint is great! Have not tested all on my own nails, but have painted and tested all on plastic nails.

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    It is a bit mixed which ones are comprehensive after one layer and which ones need more, and some are transparent even after more layers so there you can choose if you want a lot or a little effect.


    Cabana boy is a light slightly silvery white color with a very nice luster. Comprehensive after 2 layers.
    Birthday suit is a transparent varnish that gives the nails a light color. Gets quite opaque after 2 layers but still not full coverage. Nice already after a layer.
    High class affair is a solid light beige-pink lacquer that becomes solid after 2 coats, so incredibly nice! One of my favourites!
    Bikini with a martini (love the name) is a new favorite that I will combine with other varnishes, it gives a pink mother-of-pearl shimmer and is transparent, can be used alone but I think it will be the finest on top of another color e.g. pink or white to bring out the fine pearl morton.
    Lounge lover and Sunshine state of mind are full-coverage varnishes that are rich in pigments and look good after just one coat.


    Sequin sash is slightly beige toned but becomes almost transparent, contains silvery glitter grains that become very fine over other colors.
    Life of the party is a reddish brown shimmery color, looks best after 2 layers.
    Shades on becomes full-coverage after a layer and has a gorgeous lavender-purple color.
    Starry starry night looks nicer in the bottle than it is on, I think, needs two layers and the glitter grains will not be as nice as you think they will be. I think.
    Pool side service is a turquoise gray color that I think is incomparable nice! Enough with one layer.
    Off topic is a dark green color that looks best after two coats. Nice moss green!


    1. Birthday suit   (Retro revival)
    2. Sequin sash   (Retro revival)
    3. Cabana boy   (Retro revival)
    4. Bikini with a martini   (Retro revival)
    5. High class affair   (Running)
    6. Lounge lover   (Running)
    7. Sunshine state of mind   (Running)
    8. Life of the party   (Retro revival)
    9. Shades on   (Running)
    10. Pool side service   (Running)
    11. Of topic   (Running)
    12. Starry starry night   (Retro revival)


    Nice colors huh? Which do you like the most? :)

    I personally like Essie overall, a bit of mixed compote in terms of how easy they are painted and so on, some shades are super light while some get a little flammable and require 2 layers to be perfect. But the brand as a whole has very nice varnish!

    Hugs are! ♥

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