Extra cracks as a photographer

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    I'm not very good at taking pictures, I know my stuff and know exactly what settings I should have and where the flashes should be for good make-up pictures for my posts, then it will be pretty good, but everything that is beyond that is not really my thing.

    But we are currently planning signage for our shop windows and needed a good picture to show our beard products, and it felt a bit unnecessary to hire a photographer when I am still sitting on all the equipment really :)

    So with some photo tips on how to get shadows on the face (which I otherwise put my soul into not getting in the pictures) it actually turned out pretty good!

    the blog

    Not so crazy huh? You will soon see this picture in our shop window on Vaksalagatan in Uppsala!

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    We will put up signs and show the outside more what we do here, right now we have some products in our windows but otherwise nothing so you see our nice premises but do not really understand exactly what we offer for treatments and so on.

    There will be a lot of before and after pictures, among other things, great fun! Shows you when everything is ready :)

    Hug ♥

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