Eyebrow plucking

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    Am so happy that I accepted the challenge to not only focus on makeup in my project work, but also plucking eyebrows!
    That's right awesome fun!!
    Before I did an internship at Creative Makeup, I was not very interested in eyebrows. But after seeing several eyebrow plucks every day for two weeks, I really learned that see how to change an eyebrow in a positive way.
    It's almost like being able to see which colors fit together. But still not. Do you understand?
    Today I picked Carro's eyebrows. Before, I had looked like a question mark, but now I saw quite directly how to proceed.

    This is what they looked like from the beginning.
    One is naturally a lot higher than the other.
    I started by plucking down the highest eyebrow, so they became a little more so the same level.
    Picked them quite a lot narrower to be able to get them as equal as possible.
    Made them quite narrow at the outer edges, to get one clearer form.
    Removed the "unnecessary" straws closest to the nose, to reduce the vortex. Cut also a little with scissors.


    Then it was time to fill in judgment.
    Mixed a black eye shadow with a brown, to get a good shade.

    A clear improvement.
    Or what do you say?
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    Helena Amiley
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    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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