Eyeliner makeup

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Finest has had technical problems during the day, which is why you have not seen the pictures in my posts. And since my posts are not worth a smack without pictures, I have chosen not to blog until it has started again, but NOW finally everything seems to work and here comes today's makeup! :)

I have done a nice eyeliner make-up with three different colors, and then complemented the look with colorful lips in a super nice purple-pink color!


The black eyeliner is a regular cake eyeliner, with the white and burgundy color are eyedust shadows from Yag mineral which I have mixed with Mixing Liquid from Make Up Store!

Black eyeliner with wing, Kryolan Cake Eyeliner.
White eyelinerYag mineral eyeshadow (Star White)
Burgundy eyeliner, Yag mineral eyeshadow (Pink Berry)
Black mascaraNYX Doll Eye Mascara.
IMG_3464_111 IMG_3466_111

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The lip gloss is Paese Manifesto Liquid Lipstick in shade 910.

Hope you were inspired! :)

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  1. Like, like! Looks like a smart brush, do you use the same for all three?
    I mostly have diplomas like that. Has worked okay to just make a line. Have tried pen twice. The first time I came to the conclusion that it was not good because the color stopped coming. Then after a few years a while ago I ordered a pencil again, an expensive one. But it was the same. Must press hard to get color, so when you tried to make wings it happened because there was no color and then it came in the wrong place when it got to work.
    So what tkr you e best? A cake like that, is it like dipping a brush in it? I had / have one, a few years old that I tried but then put away. For it I had a slash brush. But wondering if maybe a little more round would be good? Sry for my long post, hehe ..

    • I had a curved eyeliner brush for the black cake eyeliner, but for the white and burgundy I had a regular straight eyeliner brush :) The result is incredibly nice if you get a dipliner even and good, but it is not as simple as with other eyeliners. Pencils are incredibly different, some are dry and more to get nice smoky lines (probably the ones you have if you have to touch) while others are more creamy and glide on immediately! If you have to touch it very hard, the pen is probably old and too dry. If you want a pencil that is good for eyeliner wing, I recommend one that is like a pin that you screw up, they are often a little more creamy in consistency. A cake eyeliner is like a black watercolor, although it is really makeup of course :) You dip the brush in water and mix with the dry cake and it becomes a liquid eyeliner. There are also gel eyeliners that are already creamy that you dip the brush in immediately. For a gel eyeliner, I think that an oblique brush that you have works best, but for a cake eyeliner, I prefer such a brush as I have in the post.

      What kind of eyeliner is best deals with both taste and taste (what you like to use) and what result you want. I prefer eyeliners that work as felt-tip pens, simple and good. But all kinds of eyeliner are good as long as you have a good product and learn to use it :) Hugs!

      • Is cake eyeliner very difficult to use? I think I like small brushes instead of bigger ones. :)
        By pencil I meant ink! Do not remember what it was called :) they do not have an even color but dry from time to time.
        That waterproof eyeliner byher has glitter in it, how do you make a wing with it? There is no point ..

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