Wider eyebrows with brow lift + serum

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Many people are looking for wider eyebrows and are wondering what to do.

"Bryn rehabilitation" is a common expression at our salon in Uppsala, where it takes a little longer and more visits before you get the result you are looking for. It is common if you have plucked your eyebrows too much or in a different shape than you want, so that it must have time to grow out in certain areas.

I feel a bit like the shoemaker's child when I publish the model on my eyebrows now, haha! But before the browlift treatment came about, I cut my brow hairs so extremely much because they grow straight down, so I who want a pretty high shape on the eyebrows had to cut the hairs very much to get that arch.

Brynserum was also no use for me, because the straws still grow so much downwards. The eyebrows might have been a little fuller, but above all it had only resulted in me having to cut more often.

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Then came the sweet relief of brow lift and the possibility of getting wider eyebrows without a tattoo!

I have now used brow serum, not cut the brows at all and also done brow lift a few times during the process. And now after my latest brow lift, I'm saved!

I HAVE NEVER been so happy with my eyebrows! I'm so happy! :)

Here you see how much wider eyebrows I have after brow lift:

Wider eyebrows with brow lift

No but it's unbelievable :)

What has taken the most time is, as I said, to get the length and fullness of the eyebrows, but the result can also be a little better after doing a brow lift 2-3 times. It is namely difficult to predict exactly how long the effect time and how you want the straws pasted already the first time, but we write down such details so the next time you come you can make adjustments if you e.g. feel that you want even more lift than last time, or on the contrary a little milder lift.

The serum I have used is Beautylash Lash & Brow Booster. It has a wide applicator which is nice on the eyebrows!

On the lashes I am currently using the serum Long 4 Lashes Eyelash Serum FX5 which is a news actually :) Before and after pictures will come soon, but I will use it for a little while longer.

The new eyelash serum is the only product that we have included in the range before I personally had time to evaluate it completely, as all colleagues had time before and said that we MUST include it in the range! It is big in Poland that our colleague Olga comes from, so it is she who has recommended it to colleagues who also fell in love. FUN!

Wider eyebrows

I woke up like this! Waaah!

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Think your lash lift and lash color on this too, yummy! However, I who am taking photos before and after the lash serum stay away from all that to show a more accurate picture of the end result. If the lashes have a little lash color in them, it can only make the lashes look longer.

I have, however, tattooed black lashliner, light inliner (along the waterline) and lip tattoo. Then the eyebrows are also tattooed but it is so narrow and discreet so it is not visible behind all the new straws I have :) So unmade up with permanent makeup!

Do you want to know more about brow lift so I made a super detailed post about it before, with pictures of different types of eyebrows etc., which you can read in this post!

Hugs are ♥

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