Face + brown without sun

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I got home a tan without sun spray from Face + a while ago to test and review, and today I thought that now I should at least get some color for the weekend! :)

Briefly about the product:
Face + can be defined as the new generation of tan without sun products
· Face + Tintarella spray does not smell strange, does not smudge, does not stain and does not disappear after a few showers
· Face + gives the result immediately
· Face + was nominated and won "best tan without sun product 2014" by EXPRESSEN '


The downside of spray is that you need help if you want it more than on the front. Because even if you do not spray the whole body, you still want to wear décolleté, back and arms so that not only the face looks tanned. And it is difficult to spray the back on itself with a distance of 20-30 cm.

But I thought I would at least test from head to toe! I scrubbed away all the dead skin cells in the shower, crawled home to my sister, took lightly dressed pre-pictures and then she had to help me spray the buttocks!

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But then, I'm terribly sorry but I can barely write a review because we did not get it at all… It was really hard to spray with I think! It has received many good reviews so I do not know how it could go so bad for us. If you sprayed a little, it became spotty and splashy, and if you sprayed more, it went crazy too much!

The shade itself looked great and it felt good on the skin, but it was so uneven that I panicked, jumped in the shower and scrubbed my whole body! Then we tested again and tried to stay further away, make round movements so that it would be a "soft spray cloud" but then no, it was a shower again. We tested until the bottle ran out and still did not get it!

I think the product is good if you have a little more finesse with the spray, I almost start to wonder if there was something wrong with my bottle. And it is positive that it is possible to scrub away if you realize that it will be crazy :) But I can say that I hope I do not have anything left in the skin that lies and grows for as uneven as I became, I absolutely do not want to wake up until tomorrow.

Any of you who have tested this? :)

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  1. I love it!! You have to press the button hard so that it is a good push. Otherwise there is no air in the bottle and it becomes like big drops on the skin. So do not hesitate without spraying on !! Love your blog!

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