Quick & natural make-up with 4 products

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    Yesterday a customer came in who shopped Pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal of us before and was so incredibly happy with it, she said all her friends ask ”what have you done with your skin ?! You radiate!So she would buy another one :)

    So fun to hear really, and I agree with her, it's great!

    What is Pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal maybe many of you are thinking now? It is a colored day cream that gives a little coverage and a very nice glow, and it also has a concealer in the cork so that you can cover and lighten certain areas of the face. In addition, it has spf 20, which is great closer to spring and summer as well.

    Perfect if you have a smooth and fine skin with few blemishes (such as small blemishes and darkness under the eyes that are conjured away with the concealer) and want a natural coverage.

    And especially perfect now in the winter when most of us have a little dull skin and need more luster to look fit and fresh :)

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    And today I actually thought of showing you a make-up with this, a super simple everyday make-up that gives a natural result while looking much more alert and fresher. And I have only used four products!


    Difference huh? :)


    I have only used four products in this look, quickly and easily both when you are in a hurry in the morning but even if you are going away and do not want to pack so much stuff.

    Pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal - Colored day cream and concealer.
    Pixi Minimal Makeup Palette - Contouring, luminous highlight, blush, brow shadow and eye shadow
    GloMinerals Water Resistant Mascara - Thin on the upper lashes
    Benecos Natural Lip Liner (Brown) - Lip pencil with a color that is reminiscent of the lips' own color, but gives a little more effect.


    On the eyes I have just swiped over a luminous highlighter on the eyelid and in the corner of the eye, a little brown shadow along the upper lash line and a thin layer of mascara.


    Nice result huh? Simple, natural and at the same time very invigorating :)

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    Hugs are! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amileyhttps://www.imakeyousmile.se
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Question - you wrote that your lip tattoo did not want to attach properly now that your new tattoo artist did it. See that it's still a bit badly attached, right? Is it common for this to happen when tattooing outside the lip contours? Hug

      • It is common that a return visit is required (which is included in the price) but not as common that another is needed as for me (which I will book in soon). When you tattoo outside the contours, it is difficult to judge the color choice because it will be a little different depending on what skin tone you have underneath, so you prefer to choose a too light color and have to add a little more than it happens to be too dark, so after my return visit is probably not that the paint has not adhered properly, but that the paint is a little too light.

        Then there is also a little difference between me, because I have tattooed my lips before (though not as far outside) so because that contour is so sharply tattooed, it is even clearer than if I had tattooed my lips like this the first time.

        I must also add that it is much more visible in the picture that the tattoo is light at the edges, is what it does in reality, because the skin is reflected a little differently than the lips with my strong photo flashes :) Hugs!

    2. Hi Helena

      I got a little hungry for Pixi Tint & Concealer but thought I would ask you for tips before choosing a color. Choose between the brightest, do not want to look pale but also not as a failed BUS: are;) Do you have any good tips to think about?

      • If you are as pale as I am (not as pale as some people may be, but very very light) then Bare (2-shade) will be too dark, but it will not be so dark that it looks like the 80s or brown without sun :) But if you choose it, you should apply it a little on the neck as well. But it's always nice with a light concealer, to brighten up under the eyes and the like, so I would have preferred one too light than one too dark, if I did not want to make myself a little fake-brown. Because it does not cover so much that you will feel like a sheet ghost :)

    3. Very nice! :) you are sooo good !!

      How does the product from Pixi work for a fat t-zone? Ok with matting primer underneath?
      Should buy a product with only a little coverage in the spring and now I became curious about this :)
      Have a nice day!

      • I think it works great with degrading products underneath! Because it gives radiance, you do not get a completely matte base if you are looking for it, but it works well for oily skin in general without making it more oily or so. Hugs :)

    4. Which of these palettes do you find most useful? If you are looking for maybe a little of each? :-) Superfina !!

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