Favorite in replay - From everyday to party

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    Feeling a little awkward… Sore throat, snotty etc but mostly so damn end in body / head!

    I was absolutely sure I had a fever but the thermometer does not agree with me;)

    Instead of forcing myself to sit in front of the make-up mirror, I thought I would publish an old post again, a post that I myself think is very "useful" in reality :)


    Are you going to work during the day, and then in a hurry to make yourself party-ready for the evening?

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    Here are my top tips for quickly turning an everyday make-up into a party look!

    Before after

    Step 1. Skimmer!

    Light up the gaze with a shimmery light eye shadow in the corner of the eye and under the brow.

    Annika's favorite shade

    Step 2. Intense eyes with black eyeliner.

    Framing the look with a eyeliner pen is incredibly effective and can also be done quickly!

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    L'Oréal Paris Contour Khôl.

    Step 3. Lip gloss / pen.

    Putting something on the lips immediately gives a more festive / luxurious feeling. With a red lipstick, for example, you can have any natural make-up and still be party-fixed!

    Step 4. Dark eye shadow.

    Soothe the look by applying a dark shadow (ex. brown, black, navy blue) at the tip of the eye.

    I use a black shadow from a Smashbox palette Kiss' n Tell, which unfortunately is no longer available for purchase.

    Step 5. Glitter!

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    Glitter is the party friend's best friend! Cover the entire eyelid or as a detail.

    Make Up Store Glitter (Hologram, Peacock)

    Step 6. Red.
    It can also liven up the face to put a little extra blush on the cheeks.


    Then you are ready to rock out !!

    - I have planned to do that on Saturday, when my good friend Hanna celebrates her 20th birthday. So now I will take a hot shower and then crawl under the covers so I get well :)


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