Feather Extensions

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    Sandra sa…
    “What a sickly beautiful make-up! Love the colors! I have to ask how you got hold of your hair feathers have been looking for such but not found it. Grateful for answers!! / Sandra :) ”

    Thank you! :) And what fun that you like the feathers!

    When I went to high school, we did UF companies in the course Small Business, UF stands for young entrepreneurs or something like that. Our company then sold feather extensions, and the ones I have in my hair now are simply the ones that were left over.

    I had so many feathers in my hair then to "market" so I got really tired when it was over. But now I got it for myself that I would put in again :)

    The reason why I bring this up in a post is simply to ask if more people are looking for feathers like this for their hair? I only know that a few hairdressers sell such, but I could go into the webshop if more people are interested?

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    You attach the springs with the help of a microring and a pair of pliers, it is very easy to both insert and remove! So, shout out if this is something you want in the webshop, so maybe I can arrange it soon :)


    I have a pink, a green and a white in my hair right now!

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