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    I've done a lot of fun! 1. Choose a pair of Fendi sunglasses (decision anxiety deluxe) and 2. try glasses online!

    Yep you heard right! It's winter and you are not allowed to go abroad due to the pandemic, but I am still so happy about this delivery that I almost burst! This day I got home no less than a pair of brand new Fendi sunglasses and I am so happy that I burst !! ♥

    Look what stylish sunglasses:

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    No, but shoot me so good-looking! :) These are called Fendi FF 0242/2 and available for purchase SmartBuyGlasses.com, in addition, they are available in several different colors!

    I chose green, how nice? I have some black, dark brown and pink sunglasses so wanted something that is a middle ground. Color but still a bit discreet and that works for any outfit!

    Nothing inspires me as much as thinking of spring. Then we take our self-built camper van to Spain for the first time! What should I wear then? A patterned caftan, lots of lipstick and green (!) Fendi sunglasses *spins like a cat*.

    Fendi sunglasses

    4.5 years ago, I collaborated with SmartBuyGlasses and even then I chose a pair of sunglasses from Fendi. And do you know? I still use them! Love their sunglasses! Check out the hashtag #fendieyewear on Instagram, eye candy!

    Check out how beautiful they are:

    fendi sunglasses smartbuyglasses sunglasses

    I never get tired, they are so use!

    High quality sunglasses

    How many people wear sunglasses for 4.5 years without them breaking? Here we talk quality for oh what I not been afraid of them. It should be so it is embarrassing to admit, but mine have absolutely constantly been loose in various bags and drawers.

    I never have them in a case. It included a case of course but it's long gone, hehe.

    fendi eye wear sunglasses sunglasses

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    Now these are not in stock anymore, but SmartBuyGlasses has lots of new Fendi sunglasses and many, many more brands!

    Some luxury brands such as Dior, Rayban, Victoria Beckham, Chloe, Linda Farrow, Gucci, Tom Ford etc.

    As well as affordable brands such as Komono, Silhouette and SmartBuy's own collection which also has many very nice frames!

    Try glasses online - virtual mirror

    test glasses online

    This is how these fat bows from Gucci would look on me if I clicked home a couple. Mums!

    Among the most fun at Smartbuyglasses.se is that you can test the glasses online. Perfect for seeing the size and shape of your own face. It is actually very difficult to buy glasses online otherwise?

    The virtual mirror detects your facial features and gives tips as well. For example. if you have a narrower jaw than forehead, etc. For me, it recommended slightly angular arches, which I can agree with :) I can have round ones if they are large!

    You can try glasses online by using either the selfie camera in the mobile or the webcam on the computer. It's very simple!

    try glasses online

    And this is how I had looked in these from Dior. No but, how cool? Give me! :)

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    It is not possible to make a virtual mirror on exactly all arches, however. They have so many different frames and colors. So my Fendi sunglasses e.g. does not exist in virtual mirror.

    try sunglasses online

    Here are two different little rounds. A pair from Chloe and a pair from Versace.

    So much fun! And dangerous, you want them all;)

    Enter into SmartBuyGlasses.se to try on glasses online and treat yourself to a pair of new regular glasses, or take the opportunity to find cheaper branded sunglasses! So you like me have something to look forward to in the spring :)

    In fact, I usually always buy summer clothes on SALE in the winter. This is something that many people talk about doing, but like no one does? Except me, haha!

    Same with sunglasses, take care now! ♥

    Hug hug!

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