Fiberwig mascara

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    Gotta tell you about my new mascara, Fiberwig, which is a waterproof mascara that contains fibers to make the lashes longer!

    Available for purchase at <--- (Link)
    (Do not forget that you get 10% discount with my discount code!)
    And to not only say my own opinions, I also let Nicolin and Kristin test it too!

    Nicolin's opinionAbove all, the mascara made the lashes much longer! Quick and easy to apply, you did not have to work so much, and the brush felt soft in a good way. Could imagine having it as a special fest-mascara!
    Kristin's opinionI liked it the most stayed in place all day. Otherwise, my mascara falls easily under the eye after a while, which makes you look tired and dark under the eyes in the evening. And the lashes became very long!

    My opinionYou really feel that it is sitting. I had debris in my eye for a whole day that I really could not get out. My eyes just ran and ran, and I rubbed a lot. But the mascara sat just as well anyway!

    A big plus also because it was so easy to wash off, never use waterproof mascara otherwise due to the job to get rid of it. But it disappeared immediately, completely without makeup removal (!) It is even easier to get rid of than my non-waterproof mascara.

    It is also good if you happen to smudge on the skin. Then you just wait a little while, then just "crumble" it. This way you do not have to ruin the make-up! 

    Before and after Fiberwig
    (Without bending the lashes)
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