Pimples off your mobile phone - Clean your mobile phone !!

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    Many of us are very careful with our skin, we wash off the makeup every night and have a long routine both morning and evening with a variety of products.

    But an important detail that many still neglect is to clean their mobile phone! This is even more important now than a few years ago, because in the past most people had small mobile phones that were just right at the ear when talking, but now they are much larger and lie more against the cheek! And I e.g. who has a Samsung Note, I have the phone in half my face haha :)

    It goes without saying when you think that the mobile phone is a real bacterial bomb, and of course you do not want that on your face. When you talk on your mobile, the skin gets warm, the pores open and the bacteria enter more easily. This can create inflammation in small wounds (if you squeeze your pimples, for example) and it also irritates the skin and can therefore also cause more pimples!

    I use the speaker function as often as possible, just like in this picture when I talk to Miska while I was photographing my make-up. Multitasking :) Using headphones or similar when you are among people is also great!

    But if you often talk on the phone to your ear / face, it is good to clean it. I usually do it with one just over hand alcohol and a piece of paper, a watery hand alcohol can be "dangerous" in the event of an accident, you do not want to accidentally drown your mobile phone.

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    I use rubbing alcohol from Aesop, it is a gel that smells good and kills bacteria! I take two drops for my big screen, and wipe with a piece of paper.

    Always try to have some paper + rubbing alcohol next to the bed or similar, and make it a routine to wipe your mobile phone every night before you go to bed.

    In addition, I always have a small cloth in the mobile cover so that I can wipe the screen after every time I have talked in it. Could not take a new picture of it but it is the little round thing at the bottom right of this picture. Super good!

    I got it + lots of makeup from Taiwan when I did makeup at a wedding at Gimo Manor where the couple was from Taiwan :)

    Hugs are!

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