Pimples on the back - 6 tips to avoid & treat dorsal pimples

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    Pimples on the back (like acne on the face) are simply an inflammation of the sebaceous glands on the skin. Pimples on the back are caused by various factors such as stress, hormones, increased sebum production, release of inflammatory substances in the skin, hyperkeratosis and colonization of bacteria in the skin.

    This eventually leads to inflammation of the sebaceous glands and forms a pimple.

    I have written a larger post about pimples & acne, click here. Among other things, I go deeper into what a pimple is, studies on pimples and diet, etc.

    I myself get bigger pimples on my back depending on my bike and when I am stressed I get lots of small pimples! Often a few on the upper arm as well.

    pimples on the back

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    When I'm abroad I get a lot less pimples, I think it's because of a mixture of sun and relaxation. However, I have pimples on my back here too if you zoom in;) Especially one that ends up right in the shadow of my shoulder blade. Yes! Lol.

    How to get rid of pimples on the back?

    The skin on the back is incredibly thick, which increases the risk of blocking the pores, which can partly lead to pimples on the back.

    Here I have listed some common reasons for getting pimples on your back and what you can do to counteract it:

    1. Dina hair care products can clog the pores of the back. When you shower and wash your hair, hair wrap and conditioner that runs down the back can clog the pores and lead to pimples on the back.

    Solution: Wash your back thoroughly the last thing you do before going out of the shower, after rinsing out your conditioner.

    2. To not shower directly after the gym can cause pimples on the back. Letting sweat and dirt grow on your back for a long time clogs the pores.

    Solution: Make sure to shower immediately after the gym and wear clean workout clothes every session.

    3. To carry tight clothing or tight-fitting backpacks can cause pimples on the back. This is because tight-fitting clothes and backpacks create heat, sweat and friction, which irritates the skin and can clog the pores.

    Solution: If you wear tight clothing, make sure that the material can breathe properly and that you do not go too long between washes. If you often carry the backpack on your back, you can try to sometimes replace it with a handbag or shoulder bag.

    Bad or oily sunscreens can clog the pores and be the cause of pimples on the back.

    Solution: It's good to lubricate yourself, so you should not skip it! But instead choose a quality sunscreen that works for your skin without clogging pores.

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    5. What you eat and drinking can affect and lead to pimples on the back. Among other things, I go through foods with a high GI and milk & milk products in my second post, which can lead to or worsen acne.

    Solution: Eat more "natural food", ie food from nature that is not processed and skip milk and dairy products. Whey protein can also be a cause of pimples on the back.

    6. Stress & hormones can affect how much pimples you have on your back. Stress creates an imbalance in the body and is the cause of many ailments. Hormones can increase the production of sebum, which in turn leads to increased amounts of skin bacteria and clogged pores.

    Solution: Review your life choices and think about what you can do to reduce the levels of stress in your life. Sometimes it can be difficult, but a tip is to start with small changes, which over time leads to reduced stress. If it is hormonal, you should review what supplements and medications you are taking and consult your doctor about how it can be improved.

    I hope you got some good tips and advice for pimples on your back! If you have any tips that work that I did not list here, feel free to comment below so I can add it! Below I have listed the products that work best against pimples on the back! :)

    Products that work best for me:

    Enzyme peeling against pimples on the back:

    What has given me the best results is an enzyme peel that I use on my back and shoulders a few times a week, but not every day. Ida Warg - Vitalizing Enzyme Body Peel (adlink).

    I get pimples from the shoulders and down the top of the arms, which I think is partly hormonal, so it does not disappear completely, but it has become much smaller since I started with this peeling!

    Soothing spot treatment on pimples:

    When a pimple still appears, I dabble Indy Beauty SOS spot treatment (adlink) then it disappears much faster.

    I have had a pimple that broke out properly despite these two products, but all the little ones have almost stopped coming completely and the few that have come disappear in almost a day!

    Treat pimples on the back with acid:

    I can also recommend treating with some type of acid. It removes dead skin cells and thus reduces the risk of sebum and cells clogging the pores. For example. is Pixi Glow Tonic (link) great!

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    treat pimples on the back

    There are also many over-the-counter alternatives to treating pimples. However, one should try to find the reason why the pimples appear and not just treat with tablets and creams.

    Also read my second post about acne & pimplesWhy do you get acne & how can it be treated?

    Hugs! :)

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