Fire guard

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    I will try to blog as usual this weekend, but if I do not succeed, I thought I would warn you so you know what I do instead :)

    This is because my mother is away for the weekend, and has left the responsibility for our large house with 4 cats to me. And it's not as simple as it sounds, to just feed the cats and keep a watchful eye so there will be no burglary.

    We do not have any "ordinary heat" in the house, but must fire to get both elements and hot water running. Then you can not come and go anyway, but at the same time you become a little firefighter!

    So Miska and I thought more or less "moving in" there over the weekend (if you can say so when I still partly live there) fire up as the phase so you can take a hot bath and just enjoy life as a homeowner;)

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    This is what it looked like this morning! My sister and I (who had to be mentally supported to save me from spiders) sat and drank coffee and talked shit while we did good.

    A few days ago, when I had thrown in firewood, I saw one shit big spider in there that burned up! It had like suttit on the stick of wood jag HOLD in!!! ……… .. Then the work gloves went ahead :)

    I know where I got my good step-by-step genes from hehe. Mom has made a very clear description so that even blonde I will understand!

    So now you know at least what I'm doing this weekend, if you will notice any difference in the update here :)

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