First working day at Creative Make Up!

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    As I have written before, I will for a while now work every Thursday at the salon Creative Make Up in Uppsala, and yesterday I worked my first day!

    I was completely alone at the salon, but it went really well anyway :) I felt a little lost now and then among booking systems and all that technically, but it went surprisingly well to be non-technical little me haha.


    Annika sells a few different brands, but mainly GloMinerals, and I worked with that brand a lot before so I know most of the range already, super nice! But it's actually a bit difficult to drop my own webshop products and start from the ones at the salon. But it goes well :)

    You who read my blog regularly have heard about Creative Make Up a lot before, but for the rest of you I can say briefly that the salon is mostly known for permanent makeup as Annika Söderlund who owns the salon does full time here, she is so good! But the salon also has other treatments + shop.

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    What I do here is mainly the classic color / pick treatments of eyebrows and lashes. I love all brow customers, so cool! In addition, I am here and keep the positions at the checkout, take bookings, answer questions, sell products, etc.


    A small mirror selfie before going home, I try to have as little makeup as possible so that customers can still see my tattoos :)

    I only had three eyebrow and eyelash clients yesterday, but it was a lot of other "reception work" to do so time passed quickly anyway! And it's so nice that I'm so interested and knowledgeable in permanent makeup already, so it's no problem to answer all the questions when people call and wonder things, otherwise it would have been hard!

    It is so that after blogging about my own tattoos for about 2 years now, I have received a lot of different questions from readers that I have forwarded to Annika to get exact answers, so I have learned a lot thanks to it ! In addition, I have done both eyebrows, eyes and lips myself, so I know exactly how the treatments work.


    This is a nice cozy corner when you sit and wait. And when you come in and have taken off your outerwear, you get super cozy slippers to wear!


    Cozy huh? I have lived in these slippers all day :)

    Are you eager to come to me (or do something else at the salon) then you can book an appointment at Creative Make Up online here!

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    It will be really nice to work here one day a week now I feel. I miss the social part so it's almost a bit like therapy to take "regular customers" sometimes haha. I talk to you every day, but it's far from the same thing;)

    Now I will kickstart this day as well and start putting on make-up right now on the morning twig with a cup of coffee in hand. That's when I thrive the most ♥

    Hugs are!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. It seems to be so cozy there at the salon :-) Too bad you do not live near Uppsala: - /

      I bought GloMinerals Luxe foundation when I had heard so much good about it .. Contains diamond powder etc .. But on me it just became crap no matter what I did! So it went in the trash after just some use .. Plus it leaked in the screw cap so the product ran out all the time! Maybe got a Monday copy .. (However, I did NOT buy it here at the salon)

      • Yes it's really a shame! I have also tested it but was not super fond either, but it seems to be such a product that many love and many do not like at all. I thought it gave far too little coverage I remember, but have only tested one sample so can not tell 100% and the bottle I do not know how it works. When I work with Glominerals, I use their pressed mineral powder foundation!

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