Fitness fabric from Taniko - Hair braids

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    I have usually released hair in my pictures here in the blog, but a large part of the days (and often all days) I have my hair up in a knot or ponytail. In any case, it is standard when I put on make-up, then I usually let it out, take photos, and then put it up again haha. So nice.

    And a few weeks ago, I started using fitness fabrics from Taniko, which I got a press sample from. And I can say that it is lucky that they came in a 5-pack because I have not been allowed to have them in peace if you say so;) Miska was delighted and has used these every day since. Before it was very careful "Helena you have taken my tassel" and I always answer "but how do I know everyone looks the same" haha, but if you have both thick and quite short hair you have to be a little more picky with which tassel one has, for it to remain in the hair.



    Taniko Fitness is a tassel in silicone, which is very stretchy but still firm, and is retained in the hair regardless of whether you have thick or thin hair. I think they are incredibly good!

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    ♥ They sit super-steadily in the hair without slipping out when you move a lot.
    ♥ They do not wear as much either, as tassels with metal buckles do.
    ♥ Even though the tassel is firmly seated, and you can "pull the ponytail" to get the tassel higher up, it is still comfortable - no small straws that are pulled or fall off.
    ♥ The tassel is easy to pull out of the hair as well. Not as light as a fabric tassel, but you feel a certain resistance, but far from as difficult as other rubber-like tassels. For me, no straws get stuck in the tassel at all.
    ♥ Since the material is very elastic but still not fluffy, you avoid the classic problem that the tassel is too big to only spin 3 turns, but too small to spin a 4th.

    The only thing I can not use them for is to sleep with a braid, because I have very thin hair in the tops so when I make a braid there is not much hair at all. But even there it can be used, but it does not sit well enough to be able to sleep in. Maybe if you pull super tight but it is difficult when it comes to type 10 hairs hehe, I like to braid as far down as possible :)

    In other words, yes I like these tassels! Miska too :) And I can really recommend them now before the summer when you put your hair up more than usual. They are not only available in black but in several fun colors, and cost SEK 59 for a package with 5 tassels.

    You will find all colors on HERE.



    Hope you have a wonderful Friday! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
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