15 tips for bags under the eyes, swollen eyelids & dark circles

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    If you often have problems with dark circles, bags under the eyes or swollen eyelids, there are some things to try. Here I list my best tips!

    I would like to add that it is absolutely possible to reduce this with the help of various methods, and / or conjure away quite effectively with make-up. But if you have genetically strong bags or rings under your eyes, you may be required to seek help from a clinic.

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    How to get rid of bags under the eyes or swollen eyelids?

    Drinking more water and applying a cold compress in the form of a chilled spoon, cucumber or eye mask can help reduce swollen eyelids and bags under the eyes quickly, but to reduce dark circles or bags under the eyes in the long run, you probably need to do some lifestyle changes. 

    Get rid of dark circles under the eyes with makeup

    To quickly get rid of dark circles under the eyes, you can use makeup, this is a temporary solution and does not solve the problem of dark circles. But if you find products you like and a technology that goes fast, it is very flexible!

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    Which is the best way depends on several things. I have therefore made a separate post this where I go into more detail on the makeup tips; Make up dark circles & bags under the eyes (5 tips).

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    Table of Contents:

    Tea bagsCompressThe sinusesWaterAntihistamineRetinolSun protectionMicroneedlingMakeup removalSleeping positionSleepFoodSaltAlcoholSmoking 

    Common causes of swollen eyelids, dark circles and bags under the eyes are:

    • Allergies
    • Eczema
    • Chronic fatigue
    • Problems with pigmentation
    • Sun exposure
    • Aging

    When the pollen season starts, swollen eyelids and itchy eyes are usually a common symptom of pollen allergy.

    Get rid of swollen eyelids, dark circles and bags under the eyes, 15 tips!

    1. Test tea bags on the eyes:

    Tea is not only nice to drink but also has good properties for the skin! Especially green tea with caffeine.

    Caffeine in skin care is used because it stimulates the skin and leads to reduced swelling and has a firming effect. It is also rich in antioxidants and has an anti-inflammatory effect that gives a smoother skin tone.

    tea tea bags under the eyes

    Felt so quirky when I took this picture and thought it was so nice, haha! With the trees at dusk behind the curtain and the white wooden pigeon that is glimpsed to the left that my father has carpented for me. A real photographer for sure;)

    How to test tea bags on the eyes:

    1. Heat water and put in two tea bags for approx. 3-5 minutes (As when making a cup of tea, you can enjoy your tea while the tea bags are cooling down).
    2. Put the tea bags in the fridge to cool for approx. 15-20 minutes.
    3. Squeeze out the liquid and then apply to the area around the eyes.
    4. Let the tea bags lie for approx. 15-30 minutes (Lie down comfortably and listen to a podcast or audiobook).


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    Use a cold compress:

    A cold compress (ie something that is cold) quickly reduces swollen eyelids and bags under the eyes and can be used as a quick fix. A tip is to have a cold gel eye mask in the fridge so that you have it easily accessible when needed, however, it is possible to use some other cooling you have at home as well.

    List of some suggestions to use to soothe swollen eyelids:

    • Gel eye mask
    • Cool spoon
    • Cold cucumber slice
    • Wet cold towel
    • Bag of frozen peas

    Note that if you use something frozen, do not hold it against the skin for too long and place a thin towel between the skin and the pea bag to avoid frostbite on the skin.

    swollen eyelids, bags under the eyes, dark circles under the eyes, swollen eyes, tips. how to get rid of, reduce, cucumber

    If you are only swollen under the eyes (not on the eyelids then) you can use half cucumber slices! Then it is possible to sit up halfway and do something at the same time, because if you put cucumber on your whole eyes, you have to close your eyes.

    For some reason, do the cucumber slices look clipped in the picture? These are really cucumbers that I sit with anyway, haha!

    3. Clean the sinuses with saline:

    Sometimes there may be dirt & mucus in the sinuses that causes local swelling, so a tip is to try to clean the sinuses with saline (saline). You can either use a nasal rinsing jug for this or a water bottle with a smaller spout.

    How to clean the sinuses with saline solution:

    1. Boil brine 1/2 teaspoon salt in a cup of water.
    2. Cool the water to body temperature or a little warmer.
    3. Fill the container you are going to use and tilt your head sideways over the sink and place the spout in the upper nostril (the one at the top).
    4. Inhale through your mouth in the meantime and carefully pour the saline solution into your nostril. (The saline solution should flow through and out of the lower nostril).
    5. Repeat the procedure for the other nostril with the head tilted in the other direction.

    This can be good to do a little now and then if you have problems with the sinuses. If you have not tested it before, it may be worth trying!

    4. Drink the right amount of water:

    We consist of most water so it is important to get the right amount! Sometimes when you are full, it is easy to forget to drink or that you think you drink too little and drink unnecessarily much water.

    How much water should you drink per day?

    The amount of water you should ingest per day differs depending on the heat and what activities you perform. If you are very active or staying in warm climates, you need more water as you naturally sweat out more.

    The body is fantastic at distributing and telling so it is not necessary to force water. Sometimes you can feel that the skin or lips feel drier and then it is good to think about drinking more.

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    If you eat a lot of salt, it binds more water in the body, more about it further down.

    5. Take an antihistamine:

    Allergies can cause bags under the eyes, swollen eyelids, dark circles under the eyes or redness and itchy eyes.

    If you suspect that your swollen eyelids or bags under the eyes are due to an allergic reaction, you can consult your doctor about taking over-the-counter medications.

    It is also good to try to find the cause of the allergic reaction yourself and think about when you get the problems and if it has anything to do with what you did at the time. Then in some cases you can only avoid what you are allergic to.

    You can also be allergic to mites, then it is important to wash the pillowcases often and make sure to vacuum at home regularly.

    Use retinol serum:

    Many creams promise gold and green forests and it is easy to try many different creams and preparations, but sometimes it can be good to try specific ingredients instead of a mixture. Retinol is a collective name for vitamin A in skin care and retinol serum penetrates down to the dermis (the middle layer of the skin), making it more effective.

    Retinol is available as a cream, serum and gel and can also be good for skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis.

    It is usually applied once a day, for a while after washing your face. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have rosacea or very sensitive skin, avoid retinol.

    An eye cream I have not tested myself (because I do not have this problem area) but which is said to make a visible difference and be worth every drop despite the expensive price; It is Verso Super Eye Serum (adlink) containing retinol! I am in many beauty groups on Facebook, talk to a lot of customers at the salon and industry colleagues and this Verso eye cream is always someone who mentions and recommends, so it has been remembered even though I have not tested it myself! :)

    swollen eyelids, bags under the eyes, dark circles under the eyes, swollen eyes, tips. how to get rid of, reduce, cucumber

    Preferably apply eye cream dabbing with the ring finger, instead of pulling the finger back and forth. The skin is like a rubber band, but if you pull on it every day for several years, it will lose its elasticity. The ring finger is good because you do not have much strength in it = less risk that you are too harsh.

    7. Use sunscreen when staying in the sun:

    Protecting the skin from the sun is important to counteract signs of aging, skin cancer and discoloration of the skin.

    The skin under the eyes is very thin and sensitive, so it is important to use an eye cream with a sun protection factor to counteract dark circles and bags under the eyes.

    Another tip is to use sunglasses with the right sunscreen to protect the skin around the eyes.

    8. Microneedling test:

    Microneedling is also known as collagen induction therapy. It is said to reduce wrinkles, scarring and even pigmentation problems, such as dark circles and bags under the eyes.

    When you do microneedling, you use fine needles to puncture the skin. This creates a controlled type of damage that activates healing of the skin.

    This is not a quick fix as microneedling is usually divided into several visits within a few weeks or months.

    The recovery time is relatively fast with microneedling, but you should also keep in mind that all procedures also include risks.

    Risks with microneedling:

    • Bleeding
    • Bruises
    • Infection
    • Scarring

    You can also do microneedling at home, with a roller, but it is risky and something that dermatologists strongly advise against !!

    9. Wash off makeup before bedtime:

    It is important to wash off the make-up before you go to bed! If not, it is easy for dirt to accumulate in and around the eyes, causing swollen eyelids or bags under the eyes.

    If you put on make-up daily, it is extra important to clean the skin in the evening and let it rest during the night. I like the cleansing foam from Indy Beauty! Read more about it in my blog post Review & Indy Beauty skin care & body care

    10. Sleep with your head higher up:

    It can be good to try to get your head up a little when you sleep, it may be enough to e.g. use a thicker pillow or two pillows.

    Raising your head helps prevent fluid from accumulating in your eyelids and creates swollen eyelids or bags under your eyes while you sleep.

    If you do not like to use several pillows or have problems with the neck from sleeping with your head higher up, another tip is to raise the entire bed section where you lie with your head, a few centimeters may be enough.

    11. Get enough sleep:

    Sleep is very important not only for swollen eyelids, dark circles or bags under the eyes but the whole well-being! Even if poor sleep in itself does not create dark circles, it will highlight these.

    Tips for getting better sleep:

    • Try a sleep schedule to get routine in your sleep.
    • Exercise (anytime of the day)
    • Avoid caffeine altogether to see if it helps.
    • Avoid alcoholic beverages before bedtime.
    • Do not eat too close to bedtime, count on a few hours.
    • Turn off TV, mobile phones and other electronics one hour before bedtime.
    • Avoid stress and stressful environments.

    There are also some medications if you have problems with your sleep, but the best thing is to try to find natural alternatives and avoid things that make it harder to sleep.

    It sounds easy to say that you should avoid stress and stressful environments, but sometimes you need to review your life and change course to something more harmonious, even if it may feel impossible. It is usually the inner stress that gnaws when you go to sleep, e.g. unpaid bills, problems in relationships, etc. Things that are not so easy to solve. But small steps forward or small changes can also make a big difference so that you can relax better in the evening ♥

    12. Eat and drink healthier:

    As you get older, the tissue and muscles that support the eyelids weaken. This in turn causes the skin and fats around the eyes to begin to sink and can create bags under the eyes.

    If you have a vitamin brush, it can be good to increase the intake of vitamin C and other important vitamins and minerals in the diet, you can reduce signs of aging and dark circles under the eyes.

    Foods rich in vitamin C and amino acids can also help with collagen production by increasing your levels of hyaluronic acid and creating healthier skin.

    diet eyes

    Overall, it is good to eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables more and reduce foods that are processed and not in their natural form.

    Good sources of vitamin C include:

    • Pepper
    • Citrus fruits
    • Kale
    • Broccoli
    • Strawberries

    I have made a major post about vitamin C (Vitamin C - Ascorbic acid), has also made posts about good bacteria (Probiotics, Prebiotics & Lactic Acid Bacteria) and vitamin D (Vitamin D - What is it good for?). If you are interested, they are worth reading! :)

    13. Reduce salt intake:

    If you have swollen eyelids, dark circles under the eyes or bags under the eyes, salt can be the culprit for the problem. Because salt binds fluid, an excessive intake of salt can be the reason for bags under the eyes.

    If you know that you often eat salty foods and snacks, this is perhaps the best tip for reducing bags under the eyes. In addition to the problems around the eyes, too much salt can also lead to other health problems such as heart disease and stroke. So there are only benefits to reducing your intake and not over-consuming salt!

    Regular use of salt in cooking is nothing to worry about, it is mainly if you eat very salty snacks or junk food with a lot of salt and saturated fat.

    So avoid salty snacks and processed foods and instead try to eat more fresh fruits, berries and vegetables where you can regulate the amount of salt yourself and not oversalt.

    14. Reduce alcohol intake:

    Alcohol contributes to dehydration and dehydration can lead to dark circles, swollen eyelids and bags under the eyes. In addition, you can also get worse sleep and risk other health problems if you drink too much alcohol.

    So reduce dark circles, swollen eyelids and bags under the eyes by reducing your alcohol intake.

    If you need help to stop drinking, you can look inside Alcohol help.

    15. Quit smoking:

    Smoking reduces the body's vitamin C supply and vitamin C is the vitamin responsible for creating healthy collagen in the skin. So with prolonged smoking, in addition to the more life-threatening injuries such as cancer and cardiovascular disease, you can also get more wrinkles, discoloration and even dark circles and bags under the eyes.

    Addictions are usually only mental and with the right attitude it is possible to quit, but you should be aware that one addiction can easily be exchanged for another.

    If you need help quitting smoking, you can look inside Stop-Smoking-Line.

    When to see a doctor / clinic?

    If you have major problems, creams, sleep or changed lifestyle habits will not suddenly change the entire skin around the eyes. It is possible to make fillers to fill in the "depth" under the eye and you can also operate to remove bags under the eyes.

    If you experience that your problems are due to another problem in the body, it is important to let a doctor look at it to initiate the right treatment. If you are unsure, I can recommend contacting your healthcare center or a digital doctor such as e.g. KRY. Very easy to quickly get an assessment at home and get recommended medicine or referral if needed :)

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    If you have any questions, just comment or email me helena@imakeyousmile.se I will answer as soon as I can! :)

    Hope my tips for bags under the eyes, swollen eyelids and dark circles under the eyes are helpful and that you have found some good tips to try! If you have any other good tips that work for you, feel free to leave a comment below.

    Hug hug!

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