Dry skin in winter - Foot care for winter dry feet

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    Last autumn, I received a press release from CCS with skin care products that contain urea - an ingredient that is very moisture-binding. There is a difference between ingredients that only protect the moisture in the skin and ingredients that actually bind and retain moisture in the skin.

    I've been good at lubricating my feet after every shower since I got this press release, so I'm more than ready to review these now! And above all, my feet are ready for a spontaneous sun holiday;) I have probably never had such nice feet in February!

    What I have tested is the ointment CSS Foot Care Ointment and mousse CSS Footer. I want to add that I usually do not have super big problems with dry feet either, they usually get a little extra dry at the end of winter but I can not judge if they are wow products for you with super dry feet and cracks etc. But I notice a difference !

    Feet are not the most fun part of the body to take pictures so I spare you from pictures of them;) But they are really nice now actually!

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    According to the packaging, you should use the mousse 1-2 times a day and the foot ointment before going to bed. I myself always use immediately after the shower, which is several times a week, but not always every day. Then the feet are clean and soft!

    The products are therefore not meant to be used together but I actually recommend it! I do so that I apply the mousse on the whole feet first, then I take the ointment only on the areas that I need extra moisture which for me are the heels, my big toes and then I lubricate the cuticles as well + up a little on the ankles because there I always dry in the winter.

    The mousse sinks in quickly and does not get sticky at all, while the ointment, on the other hand, is quite greasy and sticky if you take a lot. So I get the effect of the ointment where it is needed but do not walk around with completely dirty feet. So good!

    Foot ointment
    In the picture above you can see what the ointment looks like, a white cream that is very thick and quite hard in consistency when you push it out of the tube. The ointment contains 10% urea and 28% fat.

    It has a scent of eucalyptus but is also a bit reminiscent of Helosan ointment in the smell. Helosan smells a bit of a cow, I think haha, because my grandmother always lubricated her cows' teats with Helosan when I was little, which was often helped, so I do not feel directly "fresh" from that smell so I'm glad it is a little eucalyptus in the ointment as well. I do not want to smell "team yard" after the shower :)

    As I said, it gets quite greasy and sticky if you have it on your whole feet, so I use it thin on selected areas only. A little goes a long way!

    The foot mousse is very lovely! It also contains 10% urea but is not as oily and sinks into the skin quickly. It is also odorless, which I like. Simple and nice simply!

    Summary: These are not the most luxurious products on the bathroom shelf, but when it comes to the feet, you want to see fast results (and not a really fun body part to spend expensive money on?) And then these are definitely a recommendation from me! The mousse without the ointment will not be as effective and the ointment without the mousse makes the procedure more messy and cumbersome - and if it becomes too difficult, it will not end at all. So these work best together I would say! I am really pleased!

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    And spring is soon here, then it's wonderful with well-groomed feet in the spring shoes! :)

    Hugs are ♥

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