Foundation tips 40+

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    What skin you get over the years and how much wrinkles occur is so extremely individual.

    Creamy products are the ones that are most often recommended because they wrap naturally around fine lines and are good if you are dry, which mature skin often is without so much flaking.

    It is of course very possible to use powder foundation also, if you have one with a light formula that does not give a cakey and uneven result if the surface is not completely smooth. But if you are happy with the result, it's just a matter of taste if you like liquid or powder!


    My tip is mainly to test yourself, and not cover too much unnecessarily. If you do not have a smooth surface, it is very easy to get an over-made-up feeling in the basic make-up.

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    1. Find a foundation that provides adequate coverage, if you use a foundation powder then just apply a thin layer.
    Apply concealer on the areas that need more coverage, but leave the rest of the skin quite natural.


    In order not to cover too much unnecessarily, I recommend concealer after foundation, so you can see which blemishes etc. have not been covered enough with just foundation. However, this only works if there are products in the same form, ie eg powder concealer and powder foundation. You should not put a creamy concealer on top of a powdery foundation.


    lumene serum foundation before and after


    Here I have used a foundation that I really recommend for you with mature skin! (Will try to find a test rabbit that poses for pictures)

    It is Lumene Touch of Radiance Serum Foundation (SEK 149 at Åhléns, for example). It evens out the skin tone, provides adequate coverage and feels very light on the skin, which is important. A heavy foundation tends to sink into the wrinkles during the day and emphasizes them more.

    In addition, it is soft and smooth and you almost feel how it cares for the skin. It also contains age-defying serum which helps reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging. Smells good, but a little perfumed.

    lumene touch of radiance serum foundation

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    With foundation.



    With Lumenes creamy CC Concealer in the places that need more coverage + loose powder over.

    Finishing with powder (preferably loose powder) is a good way to make the basic make-up last longer. The creamy products are fixed so that they do not flow out into the wrinkles. In addition, you get a completely matte result!

    Be careful not to apply too much powder only, it can also give a cakey and unnatural result. I recommend dipping a large fluffy powder brush in loose powder and sweeping lightly over the face, focusing on the T-zone and cheeks.


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    Hope you got a little wiser! ;)

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    Helena Amiley
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