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    I got this comment on yesterday's makeup:

    “So nice! Can you not tell more about your base, think it is absolutely most important and yours looks terribly good, how do you create the "gloss" on the nose? Super nice, is it a highlighter? ”


    Yesterday I had basic makeup from YAG Mineral, both concealer, foundation, sun powder and blush. I get a lot of comments like this as soon as I use YAG Mineral when I put on my make-up! My foundation always looks good but there must be something extra with YAG because it almost never goes wrong :)

    Sometimes I use (in addition to covering basic makeup) as well YAG Mineral Pale Shimmer, it is a powder that gives this nice shine to the face without looking greasy or shimmery, you just get such an enormously nice glow!

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    But in this picture I have not used highlighter or shimmer at all, but have actually used a lustrous face primer (+ a matting) from Paese which I love and will order at home to the webshop today! However, do not know how long the delivery will be, vacation times.


    The matting primer is the savior in need of my oily skin, it evens out the pores and keeps the skin matte during the day. The luster primer contains light-reflecting pigments that give the fine luster. Both make the make-up even and beautiful, and above all durable!

    By the way, I can say that YAG Minerals basic make-up actually gives more luster than many other mineral products, I do not know why because it does not contain shimmer or the like, but you do not get that matte mask feeling that you can get with some others.

    Skin care makes a big difference too, I always finish my basic make-up by spraying my face with a face mist from Sanctum (will take it in too but not really yet) which nourishes and moisturizes the face. I also think that it makes the make-up look more natural, it sort of blends in better with the pores and also gives a little more radiance to the skin.


    Then there are many problem areas with the basic make-up, which can arise due to both the skin or the technique. Here are the most common problems, and tips on how to correct them, I start from mineral makeup as it suits all skin types:

    1. Visible pores
    When you apply foundation by simply applying a layer over the face, it is as if you lay a light edge along each pore, which highlights them and makes them look deeper and darker.

    The most important thing to keep in mind is to really work with the makeup brush! Circulating movements and preferably a little dabbling as well, back and forth several times, so that you really buffer your foundation into all the skin's small irregularities. Then the make-up will blend in with the skin more, you will not have to use as much foundation and the result will be both nicer, smoother and more natural!

    If you have such visible pores that this tip is not enough, then there are primers that fill in the pores and make them easier to cover with make-up.

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    Tough result
    If your foundation becomes cakey on the skin, it may be partly because your foundation is of poor quality, old or does not fit your skin. But most often it is because you apply "wrong" and too much. With YAG Minerals foundation, it is almost impossible to get a cakey result, because it is so light on the skin, but using less foundation and working it into the skin more is usually the problem solution to this!

    Many people are satisfied with the basic make-up immediately after application, but for various reasons it is not as nice all day. If you have worked your foundation into the skin properly and done everything you should, it usually depends on your own skin.

    If you are dry, you can experience that your foundation "falls off" during the day. What you can do is to moisturize properly before application so that it really adheres to the skin. You can also moisturize the skin during the day by using moisturizing spray, which you just spray over the makeup at regular intervals.

    If you are the opposite, oily in the skin, the basic make-up can either "melt away" or become cakey during the day. This is due to the oil that your skin produces that fights with your foundation from the inside and causes it to slip / move. Powder your face at regular intervals so that you fix your foundation and soak up the oil. YAG Mineral Veil Pale is great for this, as it is so feather-light it just slows down without becoming like a cake / mask over the face. If you have time to get very oily on the face before you powder, I recommend taking a piece of toilet paper and dabbing against the oily parts before you powder, then you get some of the oil off the face, and the skin will stay dull longer because the oil does not is left in the makeup on the face.

    In both cases, a face primer can also be a good idea, on a dry skin, the primer makes the basic make-up adhere better and on an oily skin, the primer can make your skin less oily and make the make-up last longer.

    4. Rouge, shading and highlighter become uneven and ugly
    An uneven result is often obtained due to having too much on the brush. If you want a lot of blush or sun powder, it is better to take a little at a time and build up a nice shade. Dab the brush into the blush / sun powder and then tap the shaft lightly against the palm of your hand and all the excess powder that had settled unevenly on the skin disappears.

    If your blush / shading became uneven, it is quite easy to correct with yours kabuki brushes, massage all uneven edges with it so it usually evens out. If it is extremely uneven, you can also have a little more foundation on the kabuki brush.

    5. Edge between neck / face
    The main reason for this is the wrong shade of its foundation. But despite the right shade, it is always a little different on the face and neck because a make-up complexion has a slightly different surface and reflects light differently. Therefore, you should always put a little make-up on the neck and décolleté if you want the perfect result - do not forget the ears if you have short hairstyles / set hair!

    In addition, it is a good idea (both if you put make-up with foundation down on the neck or not) to apply your shading there as well. If you shade the jawbone and down the sides of the neck, and maybe the collarbones as well, there will be so many different shades mixed together that you do not think so much that it will be a "line", but then it will be more like natural shadows.

    6. The make-up "gets stuck" in the facial skin
    My best tip when it comes to this, is to apply the make-up in the direction of the hair strands in the places where you have a lot of hair. Then they lie down and mix together in the make-up easier than if you mess with them with the make-up brush and make your foundation lie down like a tube along the straws instead of on just one side. Spraying the make-up with a face mist is also recommended, then the powdery feeling around the straws will disappear!

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    It was a long post, I hope you had the strength to read and that the tips were helpful! :)

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