Questions about YAG Mineral

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    I got some questions about YAG Minerals foundation which many of you are probably wondering, so I will address it in a post :)

    Emma sa…
    "Hello! I have some questions about YAG minerals foundation.
    How long does it last, if you use it almost every day?
    What does the packaging look like? Is it possible to close the holes so that the powder does not come out?
    What do you do when you take it with you on the trip, the whole lid becomes full of powder because the powder is shaken and turned upside down in the bag?
    Thanks in advance!"

    How long a mineral foundation lasts is extremely individual, some take a thin layer while others use much more. With a mineral foundation, it is easier to vary the amount you use than e.g. a liquid foundation. Then it also depends on whether you supplement with the concealer or if you dab more of the foundation to cover.

    However, YAG Minerals' jars are smaller than many brands, so you can keep that in mind, but my "regular customers" who use YAG Mineral do not shop very often anyway, maybe 2 months apart? Some more often, others less often. It makes a huge difference!

    No, the strainer is not closable but does not release powder as easily as many other jars where you hardly think that the strainer is useful. I have never had a problem even though I have packed with makeup many times. I usually dab my finger on the back of the lid to get the right amount of powder, but just shaking does not create chaos :)

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    I can even hint that there will be bigger jars soon, and even mousse form in fact! I think it was already now in September it would be launched.


    In this picture, all the basic make-up is from YAG Mineral.

    Hope you are happy with the answer! Maternity! :)

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
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    1. Thank you so much for the quick reply! I think it's good that you should bring in larger jars so you don't have to buy as often :)

    2. Hey!
      I think Yag foundation is good, but as you said, it depends on how much you use and also how you manage it. I can think that it ends up a little too much above the strainer sometimes, for example if the jar has been lying and shaking around in the bag, but it is possible to gently knock it down into the jar itself again. I use mine daily but had a little break this summer, and my jar will probably last a total of at least four months. I do not use the kabuki brush that is available to buy at byher, but another variety that I bought with Palina mineral makeup. It has shorter bristles and suits me better. I have the kabuki brush from byher instead for my mineral powder.

      Will you bring in the larger jars when they arrive? Are you coming to a mousse? What do you think will be the difference with mousse versus powder foundation?

      • Fun to hear how you experience it! Thank you for your comment! :)

        I will definitely bring in the larger jars when they arrive. I have to test the mousse first before I can say if I take it in or not, but even if it is good, I will of course take it in too! I think the biggest difference will be the application, that those who do not prefer powder will also be able to use YAG Mineral. I can imagine that the end result will be about the same :) Hugs!

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