French manicure at home (5 steps)

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    One of the news from Paese that I wrote about earlier today is the kit "Paese French Manicure" which contains two nail polishes (one white and one beige pink transparent) and adhesive strips that help to get a nice French manicure that is sharp and has a nice shape.

    French manicure at home (5 steps) kit

    You will find the kit, (Unfortunately this has been deleted but I can recommend it this one from Depend instead) :)

    French manicure at home step by step

    How to do French manicure at home in 5 steps:

    1. Clean the nails, preferably with nail polish remover, to remove grease and dirt from the nails.
    2. Paste the adhesive strips provided in the kit. Paste them where your own nail top starts, or at least no further out towards the top than that. Try to paste in the same place on all nails, and file them to the same length for a proportional result.
    3. Paint the tops white.
    4. Wait until the nail polish has dried and carefully pull off the strips.
    5. When you are completely sure that the white tops are dry, you can paint the transparent begier pink nail polish on the entire nail, even over the white tops that come past the white. If you want more gloss and effect, you can paint two coats with the last varnish.

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    Then it's ready!

    French manicure at home (5 steps) tips

    You should never fiddle with sharp objects under the nails, and the further out the "tip" of the nail begins, the better. As you can see on my index finger, my nail is stuck in the skin all the way to the top, and the light tip is simply just outside the finger - it is a sign that the nail is fine!

    The best thing is to paint the tip where your natural tip begins, so that you do not see the natural tip before the white one. And I think it is best if you file the nails to the same length and try to paint the tips the same length on all nails :)

    simple French manicure at home (5 steps)

    Fint va? I hope the post about French manicure at home was helpful to you! Write a comment if you have any questions! :)

    Feel free to check out my post about that make acrylic nails on yourself also! :)

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