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    All people can use all colors, but as you probably know, there are some colors that emphasize each other more than others, and this can be kept in mind when you put on make-up!

    If you want to emphasize your eyes without doing advanced eye makeup, you can e.g. make use of complementary colors that accentuate the eye color. My blue eyes can look more or less blue depending on what colors I have put on.

    color circle

    The color circle shows how the colors are connected, and that green turns into blue that turns into purple may not be very interesting, but the color circle is actually a great tool!

    Complementary colors are the colors opposite each other in the color circle. Exact shades are a bit diffuse, but you see that for example the blue tones are opposite the yellow, orange tones. Thus, blue is the complementary color to yellow / orange. Green is a complementary color to purple / purple-pink, but a green tone in the blue direction is also a complementary color to red.

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    To highlight another color is done by placing two complementary colors next to each other.

    For example:
    Blue eyes highlighted by yellow, orangegold, and bronze shades.
    Green eyes highlighted by lila/lilarosa.
    Brown eyes highlighted by all cool shades, e.g. bluesilvergray, and such cool colors. This is because brown is not included in the color circle but is a mixture of several colors, but since the opposite is highlighted and brown is a warm color, it is highlighted by cold colors.


    Hope the post was helpful:) Hug hug!

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