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Miska was out partying yesterday, and worried girlfriend like I am, I asked him to send a text message when he got home, so I knew everything was fine.

Woke up at 4 o'clock this morning and checked my cell phone. ”A text message, pjuuuh! ” I thought the second before I saw that it was mine Sister who had written.

"Keep track of your boyfriend" it said, and I still had not heard a whisper from Miska. No what that did not worry me at all, haha.

But then called he this morning so then I could breathe out again. Part of the conversation sounded something like this:

I - Guess it's gonna be a bomb on you on Friday, when I've not been there in two weeks?
Miska - Yeah shit how messy it's here now. I have no forks left!
I - Hahaha, do you clean before I get home then?
Miska - We'll see… Now I'm going to buy burgers!
I - But you said you did not bake?
Miska - No hell either, I'm still drunk! But if you have no forks to eat with, then burgers are good.
I - Suck, haha…

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My maniac :) 
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