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    As a blogger, I get a lot of mail, and of course I love every time you get home products that you just want to put your teeth into and start testing at once!

    But some days it's more fun mail than others, and yesterday it was really a blissful, but fun, mix in the mailbox even though nothing was beauty products actually :)


    * A makeup magazine that I subscribe to
    * The magazine Obsess who has written an article about me
    * A chocolate computer haha
    * An invitation to an event at Berns
    * A pen with my name on it
    * A book I bought about "how brands grow"


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    Obsess is a newly started magazine with fashion and beauty that can be read, this is the first issue so you can read it for free! But there are also printed versions in a few different places in Karlstad.

    They contacted me a few months ago and asked some questions on which they have since based the text. Super cool! :)

    The text starts like this:
    From borrowing the big sisters' make-up already at the age of five to being nominated in the Blog Awards for this year's beauty blog. Helena is a successful makeup artist, makeup blogger and entrepreneur.


    "It all started by accident" is about why I started a makeup blog from the beginning :)


    God how shocked I was when I opened this package, so heavenly fun idea !! It is a chocolate box in the form of a computer where the keyboard is a chocolate cake, and of course they have also pasted a picture on my blog as well;)

    The computer comes from MySafety which is an insurance against infringement and hijacking online that helps you pursue your case, and covers legal costs. Incredibly good initiative against cyber hatred! This applies to the dissemination of images / films, insulting texts, hijacking of identity, etc. They have an open online hotline around the clock.

    Perfect for bloggers (those who do not have as wonderful readers as me ♥) but mainly I think that this would have been good when I was in my teens and was very exposed to online hate, and think this is mainly a good idea for teenage parents.


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    This one is half eaten already I can tell;)


    I probably got this pen as an entrepreneur and not a blogger, but perfect with a nice and good pen that can always be in your purse!

    Now I'm going to clean up a bit here at home, because tonight Monica and Niklas will come here to be invited to dinner but also because Niklas (who helped me buy the photo studio stuff) will take a look at how I take photos and if I can do something even better. Really nice! But then the dust rats must be removed first;)

    Hope you have a great Saturday too! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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