Go from brunette to blonde

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    Dyeing your hair from brown to blonde is a process that take time if it is not going to tear a lot of hair.
    To go to a good hairdresser is probably the best thing you can do, but since you should take it slow even then, it will be so expensive in the long run with all "return visits". That's why I actually did everything at home! Have made a more detailed post about that blonde hair at home, you can peek in there too. :)
    I started lightening my hair almost 1 year ago. My hair is very easy to get worn out, so I needed so much time.
    Many would probably manage it in a shorter time as well, but you should do not be in a hurry because that's when it's wrong!

    This was my method of going from brunette to blonde:

    1. I started by letting my hair down solblekas during the summer.
    2. When it was autumn, I started dye your hair blondare. NOT WITH BLEACHING, without dyeing. The difference is that bleaching brightens the hair a maximum of 7 shades, while a color cream only brightens 2-4. Bleaching is thus much, much stronger and that is what wears so much on the hair. You also have to be patient with the coloring. I dyed when my growth grew a few cm long - about every 3 months.
    3. When you only use coloring, the hair easily gets a yellowish tone when it starts to get light. Then it is silver shampoo which concerns! And since I think my hair gets so dry from silver shampoo, I also use one silver packaging afterwards.
    Go from brunette to blonde
    Completely different pictures, but you see at least how dark I have been!
    The pre-photo was taken last New Year's Eve.
    What do you think, was I the prettiest then or now? :)
    I use a silver shampoo from Lóreal, which is available at most hair salons.
    Where I shopped, it cost SEK 180 for a small bottle.
    I usually let the shampoo sit for about 15-30 minutes, but according to the instructions, you can rinse it out immediately.
    It is also available at most hairdressers, I bought it for SEK 150.
    The hair becomes very soft and smooth from it!
    Since I use the shampoo and the wrap in parallel, I do not know how much each one works. But according to the hairdresser I consulted, shampoo is more effective, but a wrap is also good.
    Hope you liked my post about going from brunette to blonde!
    Hugs are!
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