Yesterday's make-up adventure

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Yesterday was as I wrote in the previous post, hard but hugely fun!
I was commissioned to make up all the "students" in Maja & Maria's artist school before their final show. 13 people! + myself in the morning;)
You did not have as much time to spend on each person. A makeup artist estimates that a regular make-up should take about 30 minutes, it would then have taken me over 6 hours - without pause.
So it was just to speed up as much as possible. On average, each make-up took a quarter, and then most were party make-up!
Worked pretty well, even though I had wanted to put more energy into many of the make-up, perfectionist as I am, as a makeup artist must be. Good exercise! :)

Nicolin was there as a companion and assistant! :)
Now I sit and get massaged by kind Miska while I blog. Have been sick back hurts.
As you can see in the picture above, the chair was very low, and my posture not the best to stand in, for almost 4 hours without a break.

Now Frida is coming to visit, so now I have to round off!

See you later!
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