ghd Curve - Curling iron

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    Last Wednesday I was at an event with ghd at Musikaliska in Stockholm, a press event before the launch of ghd's very first curling irons which will go on sale on October 1!

    I who am not 100% familiar with hair got a lot of tips and new knowledge, super fun! Now I thought I would share the info with you :)

    I myself have not tested the curling iron yet (4 different pliers are launched, and we brought one of them home with us!) But we got to see how to use them all and from what I saw I can probably say that I recommend these to you. But I will return when I have tested myself!

    Available for purchase at e.g.

    ghd Curve - Curling iron

    185° is the optimal styling temperature

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    First of all, that you should never style your hair with heat above 200° many of you have probably heard that, 200° is the melting point of the hair and with that said, you all understand how much it wears on the hair. I usually to be on the safe side use about 150° heat when I use styling tools (I'll stop now) but ghd's products are 185° exactly, neither more nor less, and it is very well thought out!

    Ghd has researched and concluded that 185° is the optimal temperature when styling the hair, because at 185 ° the hair reaches "the glass transition phase" which means that the hair can be shaped easily and keeps its shape when it has cooled, without that the heat damages the hair. So you who can regulate the temperature of your pliers, choose 185°! :)

    ghd Curve - Curling iron

    What is the difference between the 4 curling irons?

    There are two "classic" curling irons where you spin up the hair and make it hold with the help of a clamp.
    One, Classic Curl Tongue, is 26mm and is for a classic look and works well on all hair lengths.
    The other one, Soft Curl Tongue, is a large curling iron of 32mm and makes larger softer curls. Suitable for people with long hair.

    The other two are wands, ie an elongated pliers without a clip where you hold the hair yourself.
    One, Classic Wave Wand, is an above seaweed for creating glamorous curls. Suitable for people with long hair.
    The other one, Creative Curl Wall, is a cone-shaped pliers that gives a more beach look and fits all hair lengths. This can be used for many kinds of curls and only the imagination sets limits!

    ghd Curve - Curling iron

    Properties of ghd's curling irons

    The pliers have all the details I am looking for in a styling tool:
    On / off button
    Long cord
    Automatic shutdown after 30 minutes
    Gets hot fast, after only 10-20 seconds
    Styling your hair fast, you just need to hold the hair for 5-8 seconds
    Even heat all the time (thanks to tri-zone technology)
    The right heat
    Ceramic tiles
    Sustainable results
    Does not damage the hair
    Gives nice glossy curls
    Universal voltage - can be used in all countries
    2 year warranty

    With these properties, you get a nice and durable result that does not give you worn hair. If you use their Curl Hold Spray, you should get a result that even lasts at night so that you can wake up and have just as beautiful curls the next day! :)


    This curling iron series is called ghd Curve, launched in October (at selected salons and is also available on and has a recommended price of SEK 1599 per curling iron.

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    I also got a nice bag! It is Limited Edition, and I am actually thinking of having it as a make-up bag haha. Anyone surprised? :)




    ghd Curve - Curling iron event

    Finally offers some pictures from the event. The pink hair is curled with Soft Curl Tong that I brought home! The blonde hair is curled with Classic Curl Tong and the right side shows how the result is if you brush the curls.


    I forgot the camera at home therefore it is bad mobile pictures from the event, it was not directly the best photo light in there either. But the picture on the left is the result with Classic Wave Wand, and the picture on the right is Creative Curl Wand!

    It will be super exciting to test yourself, both how the curls will be, how easy it is to all the curls yourself and especially if the durability is as good as ghd promises!

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    Are you curious? :)

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