Glittery New Year's nails

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    You do not have to go shopping for an expensive glitter nail polish that you will only use once to get bling-bling on your nails before New Year's Eve, if you do not want to. What many people forget is how extremely simple it is to do yourself at home :)

    At hobby shops, there is extremely cheap glitter, and many of you probably have it at home in a box somewhere as well. And that + transparent top coat is all you need to make your favorite nail polish sparkle like a disco ball on New Year's Eve!

    And today I thought I would show you a little quickly how I apply glitter in the easiest way, and that is with the help of a makeup brush :)


    One of my favorite nail polishes is Paese Nail Polish in shade 318, a purple color that becomes a little metallic on the nails. Very hot! And these pictures were taken today, which is, hear and be amazed, 8 days after I painted my nails. And I even basked on Christmas Eve!

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    These varnishes + topcoat from Paese give an incredibly durable result, if you have a smooth nail surface underneath :)

    And to get my nails nicely glittery, I have simply done this:


    1. Paint the top coat on the nail, and let it dry for a little while. It should not be wet but not dry either.
    2. Dip a fluffy brush in glitter, I have used a very fine-grained silver glitter.
    3. Dab the glitter on the nail, I have put more in the tops. And when it has dried, finish with another layer of top coat.

    It's not harder than that! Hardly any mess and you are done very quickly :)

    Then you can experiment a lot more if you think it's fun, e.g. make patterns with tape, or mix different glitter. But thanks to letting the top coat dry a bit and then dabbing on the glitter with a brush, it's incredibly easy.


    Quick, easy and effective, just to my taste;) ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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