Red in the face? - Redness Relief Powder

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    I'm totally addicted to this powder! If you have a pimple or similar, a concealer is great, but when you are red in the face or smaller areas, it is gloMinerals Redness Relief Powder the world's best :)

    Red in the face? Best tip!


    I am always quite red and flaming around the nose, but took the opportunity to take photos immediately after I had a fight with a pimple also to show you how big the difference really is :)

    You can use the powder like this directly on an unmade-up face, but I personally do not usually start like that but did it now to show you how effective the powder is!


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    What is gloMinerals Redness Relief Powder?
    A loose powder based on minerals that both reduces superficial red areas on the skin, and goes into the skin and soothes skin conditions such as rosacea, visible blood vessels or redness due to too much sun.

    It is thus both a cosmetic product because the tone of the powder neutralizes red, at the same time as it helps the skin in depth also thanks to, among other things, honeysuckle, zinc oxide, licorice and caffeine which soothes the skin and tightens blood vessels. The powder also contains aloe vera, green tea, vitamin A and sunflower oil which nourishes the skin.

    What skin types is it suitable for?
    The powder is suitable for all skin types, both the oily one with acne problems and the very sensitive one.

    Should you have it before or after foundation?
    There are different ways to use the powder, if you want to be unmade up, it is enough to dab the powder on desired areas and then do nothing more. But you can also choose whether you want it before or after foundation.

    Since it is also a skin care product, if you have areas where you are very red, you can apply a lot of powder right there and walk around for about 5 minutes before putting on make-up, to let the powder work properly. Then you can brush off excess and put on make-up as usual. If you have a liquid foundation, it also works well without becoming sticky or cakey.


    You are a little nice then :) But the effects from the powder go through your regular makeup as well (as long as you use makeup that does not clog the pores) so you do not have to use it before foundation to get the positive properties. But you get extra from them if you do it this way.

    I can experience that it feels a little dry on the face if you have the powder first, not that it looks dry out but it feels a little wrong to start putting on make-up when you feel dry. So I usually first apply a thin layer of foundation (either mineral foundation or liquid) and then use as much powder as needed afterwards.

    If you have a lot of red areas, you can advantageously apply quite a lot and "pack on" the powder there, and then brush off the excess.


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    In the pre-image I have applied Pixi H2O Skintint which is a semi-opaque foundation gel, it evens out the skin tone very well but red blemishes and my red nose part wants to shine through. I have not used the powder before the foundation in this picture.
    In the after picture I have swept the neutralizing powder all over my face with a fluffy brush, and then dabbed on more powder on the areas that are extra red with a slightly more compact brush.

    Does the powder look yellow on a light skin tone?
    You do not look yellow from the powder in areas where you are not red (but can get a slightly warmer tone if you have a cold skin tone) and therefore you can also use it for preventive purposes, if you e.g. has easy to blush or the like.

    Is the powder debilitating?
    The powder is debilitating to some extent, but is not designed for just that purpose. I usually use it solely for the purpose of getting rid of redness, so I use:
    1. Face primer
    2. Foundation
    Powder that neutralizes red
    4. Makeup Fixing Mist
    5. And then I sweep on a little debilitating powder, so that it is the last step.

    You can use the powder to fix the foundation, but I would not recommend it if you have a very sticky foundation. It is not as light as a regular powder but a little more pigment-rich.

    On the other hand, it can be good to improve on this powder after about 5-8 hours, because then the licorice and caffeine stop working in the skin. If you want that effect a little longer, you can have the powder in the bag. However, I think that the powder itself is so neutralizing that I never feel that I need to improve for that reason :)


    The end result is an even and nice base, without having to have so much opaque makeup!

    Because it's so with just redness, even if you have a full-coverage foundation, it wants to shine through, but it feels so damn sad to have to have the worst coverage in the whole face even though you are really only red. But then neutralizing products are great :)

    The powder is on and costs SEK 450

    Do you have any questions, or did I include everything? :) Just shout if you have any questions!

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    Hug ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Oh thank you so much for bringing this up :-) I have tested many different foundations, cc cream anti redness, primer & concealer but never managed to get rid of the red over the nose and cheeks .. MUST have this powder! How do you apply it, with a regular powder brush or powder sponge? Should you do as with a mineral powder to swirl in it? :-D Haha .. Feeling a little lost on this! XD

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