gloMinerals vs nudh mineral

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    I have previously written so much about my favorite foundation gloMinerals Pressed Base, that now that I have brought another powder foundation into the shop, I have to clarify the difference between these two!

    The most relevant is that gloMinerals is a pressed powder while nudh mineral is loose powder. One is not better than the other, but it's a matter of taste.

    I also think that if you only use foundation (without supplementing with concealer) so gloMinerals gives a little better coverage, but this only applies if you have a lot of pimples that really need coverage. For everyday I use nudh mineral without applying concealer as well.

    However, I think that nudh mineral feels a little "lighter" in the formula, you hardly feel made up at all and the result is very natural. In addition, you get such incredible luster in the skin of nudh, especially if you add their highlighter but even without it. You do not get the same natural luster from gloMinerals, but it also becomes very natural.


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    Conclusion, which is my favorite today?
    I can actually not answer that, as both give similar results in the end. Both contain good substances, provide flawless coverage and a natural result.

    My tip if you choose between these two: Focus on whether you prefer loose powder or pressed pillows, and if you like luster in the face or rather want a real matt skin.


    Hope you got clarity in it all!

    Just to shout if you have more questions :)

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    Helena Amiley
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