How to get a Glow Up? - (9 tips for inner & outer glow!)

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    What is it & how do you get a glow up? The concept itself has been around for quite some time but has recently become more popular. Therefore, I thought I would now go through what it means and how you yourself can do a glow up fast!

    How to get a Glow Up

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    What does Glow Up mean?

    Making a glow up is a significant transformation of oneself towards the positive. A glow up can be applied to positive changes in both appearance, health, success & self-confidence. The term Glow Up is most often applied to a person's self - confidence.

    In other words, a change that seems but is not necessarily clear. Inte ”vad fine you are in your new hair color"But rather"WOW you radiate, what have you done !?” :)

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    A glow up can be planned or unplanned, fast or slow and temporary or permanent. If you are looking for a planned glow up, read on for my best tips! :)

    Source: Urban Dictionary

    How to get a Glow Up?

    It can be difficult to know where to start. But the best thing is to start with the small steps! We all have different conditions and taking on unknown land can therefore be scary. 

    One oneself and society have certain expectations of one and if one changes these one can be questioned. It can be anything from weight, hair color, the way you talk to how you do things. That is why it is difficult to bring about a change because you think you will meet resistance.

    Everyone can live the way they want to live as long as they feel good about it! An important step for that is to stop judging each other and instead show appreciation! :) ♥

    My tips for getting a real glow up of course also work for guys & men! So if you are a guy and also looking for a glow up then read on!

    Here are my top tips on how to get a glow up:

    Make a list!

    I sometimes make an inspiring list of what I would like to change to be happier, prettier and feel better. Wow how silly it sounded (?) Haha but when I feel the need for it it makes a big difference.

    So it is not about big goals in life, but several small things that directly or indirectly affect my "inner and outer glow". It's always good to write things down!

    Such as doing IPL hair removal at home to be able to sit tailor and move freely on the beach without thinking about straight dots :) Or clean the closet and dare to be more "my own style" every single day, it will be very basic days otherwise which is not really "I" .. And be myself more myself overall - I have sometimes been "silenced" a bit in my upbringing as I have a very loud voice, of course you should think about other people's ears;) but when I am my usual loud me who just laughs straight out without thinking about it - then I feel the best!

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    In other words, something like no other really looks, but it makes a big difference to how I feel and feel in everyday life - which in turn is visible to the outside because if you feel good and feel comfortable, you also have charisma! :)

    The sun also makes me feel good! Will put "move to Spain" on my next glow up list haha;)

    2. Le mera & peppa yourself!

    Joy and laughter are probably the best medicine to both see well-being and good looking!

    Perhaps the easiest way to get a direct glow up is to smile at yourself in the mirror and everyone you meet! … Then I'm not talking about that "fake smile" that you sometimes get when you meet someone out for a walk, you know that which looks so convoluted? Without a wonderful smile coming from within :)

    It may take a little practice if you do not usually smile so much, but a person who looks genuinely happy immediately gets 90% more charisma!

    How to get a Glow Up

    It is also easy to blame yourself and see what you are bad at instead of focusing on all the good you achieve and all the challenges you have managed!

    I draw angel cards sometimes (is not medial, but find it fun and rewarding). The last two times I have received the same card! The card "gratitude" which means that if you are grateful for what you have, you will get more of it! And vice versa, negativity breeds negativity. Worth to be reminded! I am a very positive person but even I need from time to time a reminder not to focus on the bad :)

    Give yourself a pat on the back over all the good you achieve every day! As you would do for your child or your best friend! It can be anything from a successful meeting, to finally cleaning the attic (as I myself did here a week) or something as simple as washing dishes right after the meal. We deserve pepper and if no one else can give it to us, we can at least give it to ourselves!

    3. Simple makeup tips for Glow Up:

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    You do not have to do a whole make-up to get a glow up! Even small changes are enough to boost self-confidence. Beauty is wellness!

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    For example, color your eyelashes and eyebrows! Then you get color and framing of the face even when you are unmade up :) In the post Color Eyebrows & Eyelashes at Home (5 Steps) so I clearly show how I do and share with me a lot of tips!

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    In the post "Make up the eyes bigger & step by step”You get lots of tips for making up a more open and lively look!

    makeup makeup tips for beginners, simple, fast, natural, discreet, How to get a Glow Up

    Another post with super many simple makeup tips is this: 12 simple make-up tips for beginners + Make-up (step by step). It is usually the smallest details that make the biggest difference!

    If, on the other hand, you want to do a bang make-up for a quick glow up, I recommend you read mine Ariana Grande Makeup posts!

    Or (!) Haha now I get started properly :) I also hold make-up courses online that are perfect for beginners. Gaining new knowledge and trying new ways can be a huge inspiration! Makeup should be fun! :)

    You buy a web training that you go at your own pace, but can also choose the variant that includes personal feedback and advice. Read more at Helena Amiley Academy of Makeup.

    4. Get your beauty sleep!

    Many people think that they can manage with a little sleep, and it may work for a while. But it will be felt and seen on you if you do not get enough sleep. We can only go a few days with insufficient sleep until it starts to feel on the body & the moon!

    So prioritize sleep over being up for a long time and wasting time surfing!

    5. Eat more natural foods:

    We all feel better by eating less processed foods and instead eating more naturally. A quick way to get a glow up! Test that e.g. have a "natural week". It can be difficult at first but you learn a lot from it!

    Many times the challenge is to learn to eat new things or in a new way. Breaking habits.

    Miska and I have been eating mostly naturally since February this year and it's actually not hard at all I think. Just feels fresh! It's like not a diet or a period, but a healthy lifestyle. Health is the most important thing we have - and is an area where you can actually influence a lot yourself :)

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    6. Move daily:

    The body is made for movement and activates both the lymphatic system and causes the blood to pump better through the body. There are great benefits to be gained in daily exercise for both the body and the brain!

    If we are active and strong, it shines through in our minds. You get a lot more energy!

    7. Straighten your back!

    Attitude is much more important than many people think! Walking with forward-leaning shoulders and bent back makes us less confident and gives pain over time.

    So straighten your back and get a glow up! Leaning shoulders is often a consequence of office work / work in front of the computer. This causes the back muscles to stretch and the pectoral muscle to tighten, which causes the shoulders to bend forward.

    It can be sorted out by training the back muscles and stretching the chest muscles.

    8. Brown without sun:

    You can quickly get more color and brighten up with tan without sun! For a quick glow up on your skin, tan without sun is the salvation.

    Can tip about my post about Ida Warg brown without sun, I can highly recommend it!

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    9. Drink properly!

    Get plenty of fluids to keep your body & skin hydrated, and by that I do not mean energy drink in all its forms but plain water!

    Water is the essence of our lives, without water we can not manage and if you are in the habit of drinking too little during the day, this can make a big difference!

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    Glow up is not really something you get but rather something you do for yourself for your own well-being but as a bonus shines through to everyone around you!

    It is also possible to get a glow up by changing your appearance in many different ways, but I have chosen to include the ways you actually feel good about and something you can easily influence! :)

    Hope all of you who read get to experience moments of Glow Up! They make you feel good and move on in life! Do you have your own experiences or tips on how to get Glow Up fast, so feel free to share in the comments below! :)



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