Gold kit from Elizabeth Arden

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    About a week ago, I received a press release that felt so luxurious and nice - great gift tips! :)

    These were some of the products from Elizabeth Arden's new Limited Edition collection "Golden Opulence" with golden, shiny and stylish boxes (which I have not photographed as it just shone and reflected the light from the flash) and products in baroque style. I got home a sparkling lip gloss, golden highlighter and a very nice perfume bottle!


    There are more products in this series, and the entire series is Limited Edition and went on sale this fall.

    All products from the series are available at, among other places :)

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    The lip gloss Elizabeth Arden Lip Gloss is the shade Imperial Skimmer and is a soft red tone with pink and golden glitter in it that sparkles on the lips. I think very nice, not red but not pink either, but more light red if you can say so.

    It tastes mildly of vanilla, and the lips become very soft. It feels a bit sticky, especially if you apply quite a lot, which is easy as the applicator absorbs a lot of gloss from the sleeve. If you scrape off the excess on the edge before applying on the lips, and paint quite a bit, you get the nice shine and glitter without it feeling too much and sticky :)

    In other words, great lip gloss and I like it, but a little too sticky for my taste which is very sensitive to that.


    Fint va? :)


    Highlighter palettes Elizabeth Arden Highlighter Gold Illumination had to my great disappointment broken in the delivery. Such a shame. But the palette contains three different tones, and I show the mixture of them on the hand anyway, you get a little hum :) Gold and nice!


    The perfume Elizabeth Arden Untold Luxe is a more concentrated variant of the previous perfume Untold. Not a Helena perfume at all, unfortunately, but it smells good! I think it smells luxurious and a bit dusty, and it is described as "an elegant fragrance for the woman who likes glamor", and I can agree with that description :) A pretty warm and floral scent I would say.

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    Top notes - Plums and black currants
    Heart notes - Flowers
    Base notes - Amber

    If you have any questions, shout out! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. The perfume sounds like it would be very good! Luxurious plum and black currant <3

      Your blog is probably the highlight of the day. You also feel a little luxurious even though you do not have the products yourself: D

      Hug from Sister Tupu

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