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    Annika sa…
    Guess you've been asked this question lots of times already :) but how do you take care of your lashes, do you have any tips for caring for them and trying to get them longer? You have amazingly beautiful lashes. ”

    Yes that's right, I get this question very often so I'll take it up in a post again :)

    The only thing I do is use eyelash serum from Revitalash (their old formula, which is no longer available for purchase).

    However, I have stopped using it now to "bring down" the lashes a bit to their natural self. This is another brand that I was going to test to review, but I can not start with when I still have long lashes of Revitalash. So for the moment I do nothing at all.

    But I can recommend caring for the lashes more, especially if you wear them a lot, e.g. with eyelash curler or coloring / permanent. It is the same principle as with the hair on the head, a well-groomed hair becomes fuller, more beautiful and does not fall out as easily.

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    Different oils or eyelash wrap RefectoCil Long Lash Gel are products that I can recommend! Lubricate the lashes before you go to bed, and they will be cared for during the night.

    Oils that are good are regular olive oil (completely cold pressed), avocado oil and coconut oil.

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
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