Oily skin: Best Products - Oily & greasy complexion (2022)

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    It is easy to find matte products, but difficult to find good products for extremely oily skin. Why? The problem is not to get a matte base, but to get a durable base that stays oil-free for a long time. Read on if you want to get control of oily and frizzy complexion with makeup!

    Do you understand the difference between matte base and durable base? :) A lot of make-up becomes dull after application, but the skin just as quickly becomes oily and glossy.

    Table of Contents:

    1. Introduction oily skin
    2. Primer for oily skin
    3. Foundation for oily skin
    4. Powder for oily skin
    5. Makeup for oily skin - After 4.5 hours

    Matte and oil-free are not the same thing

    Absolutely crass, it is not a bit important to get a matte base, not everyone wants a matte base just because you have oily skin. Without the goal, it is simply that the skin should stay oil-free longer.

    There is a lot, really a lot, to think about when it comes to oily skin and makeup. I am a self-proclaimed professional at this, haha, as I am a makeup artist with very oily skin myself.

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    So there will be more posts about this! :)

    Today's post is about the very fact that matte makeup and makeup like keeps the skin oil-free is not necessarily the same thing.

    Different carpet products - after 4.5 hours:

    Good products for oily skin, oily skin

    On the left side of the picture:

    • Products for oily / oily skin with the descriptive words "super long-lasting" "oil free" "matte" and "mattifying"

    Since I myself sell the products on the other half of the face, I do not want to risk smearing other brands. I have therefore chosen not to print exactly which products I used on the left side of the picture. But these are big and good brands, no weirdness.

    The result is also great! Blurred pores, great coverage and a matte finish. But the problem is that the skin does not last that long for about an hour, if you, like me, have extremely oily skin.

    On the right side of the picture:

    These are my saviors in need of products for a sustainable makeup!

    This base stays oil-free much longer! You will see more pictures and description further down in the post as well.

    Just 4.5 hours?

    Sometimes when I tell about how good my products for oily skin are, I get a little strange looks. I imagine it anyway. Much like they think ”but if they are so good, how come you are so oily now and then?”.

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    I have such an extremely oily skin so I am not 100% matte on the side with good products for oily skin either. But there is still a huge difference. It is a thousand times more comfortable to powder every 4 hours (1-2 times a day) instead of every hour.

    In fact, to my knowledge (and I have tested a lot), there are no products on the market today that keep my skin oil-free for longer than 4 hours. Not yet at least!

    Here is more info about product selection and step by step:

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    Primer for oily skin

    primer for oily skin

    This primer, Paese Makeup Base (Mattifying) is the second best seller in the entire webshop! With 34 5-star reviews (5 out of 5) and many regular customers who buy Paese Makeup Base regularly since we included it in the range several years ago. Also available for more skin types.

    Why use face primer? This does not apply to everyone, but because this post is for people with very oily skin, I can say that it is not enough with just one product that keeps the oil in check. If you have less oiliness so absolutely, but if you have high sebum production, you need to work with more layers.

    primer for oily skin, debilitating primer

    Use: I lubricate with clean fingers. Do not take too much, one pump is enough for the whole face. Work it properly into the skin, so that it does not just lie as "a layer on the surface". It must fill in the irregularities and then it needs to enter the irregularities.

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    Foundation for oily skin

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    foundation oily he

    I could write a whole post about just this (maybe I will) but foundation for oily skin is a bit crooked. Many foundations adapted for oily skin are full-coverage, completely matte and give a rather unnatural finish. Still, they do not keep the skin particularly oil-free during the day.

    In a foundation for oily / oily skin, you need:

    1. Focus on fine pigment and finish. The most important thing is that it settles nicely, but it does not matter how well it keeps the skin oil-free. Everyone wants a nice base.
    2. It must not be too heavy, because what happens then? Well, I have realized that many primers stop being effective just for the sake of putting a foundation over that does not fit. Then you have applied the primer completely unnecessarily .. With the right foundation, the primer makes a big difference!

    With these two aspects in mind, I have learned that the best thing for the result, both in terms of appearance (finish) and durability (oiliness) is to have a foundation that is not necessarily for oily skin. However, it is important that it is light in formula and does not make the skin more oily than it needs.

    Do you understand the difference? The foundation does not have to be debilitating, but it should not make the skin more oily either.

    The absolute best on the market in my opinion mineral foundation! I use glo Skin Beauty Pressed Base Foundation. It is pressed = easy application. In addition, it is richly pigmented so you do not need to apply thick layer to get a nice result, which makes the result natural even though it is a powder product.

    foundation for glossy skin

    Use: I apply with a fairly compact brush and buffer the foundation into the skin. You get a more natural finish with a compact brush because the foundation is worked into the skin instead of lying like a powder layer just on the surface.

    The brush is Nanshy Buffed Base brush, also works for liquid foundations.

    Do you want a liquid foundation for oily skin instead? Pixi H2O Skintint is then good! It is not for oily skin, but is very suitable for oily skin as it does not make the skin more oily either.

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    Powder for oily skin

    powdered oil he

    Paese's primer is the second best seller in the webshop, but the best seller is this powder! Paese Bamboo Silk Powder with 23 5-star reviews.

    I have tested many powders over the years and still test news. Still, I have not tested a single powder on the market that keeps the skin oil-free for as long as this powder!

    It is easy for me to test because I just put this powder on one half of the face and another on the other, then I wait and see which side is the most shiny.

    In my opinion, it is best to have a loose powder for oily / oily skin, because with a loose powder you can easily apply a larger amount than a pressed powder. The more powder, the longer the skin is kept oil-free.

    So, it is important to get as much powder on the skin as possible in as nice a way as possible, without it looking powdery or dry :)

    powder for glossy skin

    Application - I use the same compact brush as for the mineral foundation, Nanshy Buffed Base brush, and do the same. Buffer into the skin and work the powder in properly. Then you get a larger amount of powder without it looking powdery.

    If you had swept the same amount with a fluffy brush, the powder would have been very visible on the skin.

    makeup for oily skin on the face

    Then I applied the make-up on the other half of the face (from other brands) and as you can see, the end result is equally dull on both sides!

    In fact, the page with makeup from other brands is a little duller. Do not think it is visible in the picture (?) But in reality the right side of the picture (which I showed step by step) has more luster in itself than on the left side.

    The end result does not have to be dull

    I have not put on more make-up than this, but have skipped conouting, blush etc. to give a clearer picture.

    But the fact is that just because you make this matte base, the end result does not have to be matte. Sweep on a highlighter with glow and / or spray on a good fixing mist, e.g. Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist, so the skin gets a nice glow but stays oil-free for as long anyway :)

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    Makeup for oily & oily skin - After 4.5 hours:

    makeup and products for extremely oily skin

    That said, I'm not completely matte on the side with good makeup for oily skin either, but big difference! I had a video meeting with a colleague during the day and she saw a huge difference in the halves of her face, even in a half-selfie camera on her mobile phone. It is more visible when moving than in still image.

    Had I compared these good products for oily / oily skin with makeup for dry / normal skin then there would have been an even bigger difference! So the shinier side of these pictures makes a little difference too, but not enough :)


    If you do not have the strength to find the product links in the text, they will come here again:

    Also read these posts:

    Hope the post was helpful and that you get control of oily, oily and oily skin! 


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    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Do you use only one of their mineral foundations or do you have several different shades that you apply to your face?

    2. I have ordered the face primer from byher.se and am so very happy! Still gets oily skin during the day but it is clearly much better than before. Also use sanctum on the spot which is recommended by you, am very glad I found your blog a few years ago!

    3. Can only agree! I use another primer (from another mineral makeup brand) just because I got it in a sample package from that brand. Has typical T-zone skin which, however, has become more in balance since I started with mineral makeup. I usually do not need to powder at all during the day, a bit depending on the shape of the day (the skin is also affected by, for example, poor sleep, PMS, etc.). If you put a few extra minutes on the basic make-up in the morning, the durability is unbeatable! Am so happy with Yag foundation !!

    4. And then I can add that YAG mineral with paese primer smoothing fits perfectly on (at least mine) extremely DRY skin! So these are not only suitable for oily skin :-) I was very skeptical of dry minerals on dry skin but made an attempt and it will be great! It is important to moisturize before.

      • That makes me happy!! Glad you trusted me even though you were skeptical, AND that it turned out well, so I do not feel ashamed hehe;) You are more than happy to write it as a review on byher.se as well, you wrote so nicely about the eye shadows and it made me so happy :) Hugs to you!

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